Sega PM Figure Shimakaze Gallery

Over the weekend, I paid a visit to my friend's place and spent some time there. Remember the one with the massive collection of Nendoroids? Either way, one of the latest addition to his collection, aside from the growing number of Nendoroids, is this newly released Shimakaze figure by Sega. I was lacking my usual gear but, didn't want to pass up on the chance to snap a few shots. Thankfully, my phone's camera was up for the job.

This time, it won't be a review, just a few quick shots of Shimakaze which I decided to take. Along the way, I'll provide a little bit of information about the figure as well. For example, Shimakaze here stands roughly 190 mm (7.41 inches) tall including the base.
The base is a simple white oval one although, I like how her name is written across it in a large capital letters. If you didn't know who Shimakaze is, you would now.
Price? Since this is a Sega manufactured prize figure, there's not fix pricing on these things as they're meant to be won from the arcades. If you were to purchase it from a shop, look to spend no more than 2,000 Yen.
Together with Rensouhou-chan, Shimakaze is equipped with her torpedo launcher this time too.

Just at a glance, Shimakaze's overall sculpt and detailing are pretty good. There's no problem with the casting, painting and no visible manufacturing marks/seams are visible either. That's particularly good for a prize figure!

The only thing notable off would be the colors which do look a little muted.
The blue and reds don't exactly pop out and it would've looked more appealing if it was just a little brighter.
Another thing, would be Shimakaze's eyes which look a bit weird. They look too long in my opinion. I know this isn't supposed to be a review but, I just felt I had to point those out.

Outside of those few things though, the figure is actually pretty impressive especially for a prize figure.

Just look at that detailed flowing hair sculpt. It complements her dynamic pose perfectly!

Then, there are the other little details which are suitably reproduced like her bunny ears, anchor hairpiece and not forgetting, Rensouhou-chan.
That wraps up this quick look at Sega's Shimakaze figure. A slight departure from my usual format but, I hope it was informative nonetheless. Perhaps I'll be able to make more gallery features like these in the future.

Until then, thanks for reading and have a great work everyone!


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