Mid June Haul

It's finally here, the two new Super Sonico figures I ordered! Fresh of the shipment, they're still wrapped in the bubble wrap they came in.

Bubble wrap off and what we have are 2 Sonico figures dating back to 2013 now a new addition to my collection. 
First up, there's the Kyun Chara Sonico Tora Parka version from Sonico's own More Power!! Ichiban Kuji lottery. Now that's a mouthful to mention right there.

As the package suggests, this is the B Prize for perhaps one of the most valuable Sonico Kuji draws with A Prize being a scale figure and G Prize consisting of 5 other Kyun Chara Sonico(s). Fortunately, these prizes can still be found online and at a rather reasonable price too. This adorable Sonico figure in her tiger hoodie costed me only 600 Yen!

Next up is another arcade prize to my ever growing collection of Sonico prize figures. Here we have the Super Sonico Summer Beach version released by Taito way back in July of 2013. I haven't opened it yet but, I'm liking the design just from pictures alone. Sonico in a realistic looking bikini? Turns out it wasn't a fantasy after all.

What's more, the box design is actually pretty nice too! There's features of the figure throughout all four sides of the box.

Well, that will be all for this quick look at my mid-June haul. There's another one coming later this month which wraps up my busiest month in figure collection. After that, it's a short hiatus while I save up for a very special and also very expensive Mami figure. What's that? Stay tuned to fine out.

Until then, have a great week everyone!


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