Early June Haul

June has come and this means it's time for a new haul! This time, it's a really special one perhaps the most special haul I've had this whole year thus far. They finally arrived on my doorstep yesterday and as you can see, that's three new figures to the collection. Best of all, two of them are Mami! I haven't had a new Mami figure in two months now.
Starting it off are two really special figures for me that I've wanted to obtain for a long while now. First, there's the definitive Sonico figure, Gift's 1/8 Super Sonico Tora Parka Version manufactured by Good Smile Company. Secondly, the long awaited Freeing Tomoe Mami Yukata Version also manufactured by Good Smile.

Just as a little something extra, I decided to throw in a Kyun Chara Mami. This was a C Prize in an old Madoka Kuji back in 2011, glad I could still find it 4 years down the road. Best of all, it only cost me 800 Yen.
Best Sonico figure ever? Possibly so. Gift's Super Sonico figure is sort of a must have for all Sonico fans. I missed the pre-orders back when it was around but, fortunately I could still find one being sold at reasonable prices. Initially priced at 9,800 Yen, a mint condition one today can fetch way more.
Besides being a humongous box, the design of it is also really nice. Something you come to expect when paying a considerable amount. As days past, this will only get rarer and I'd recommend you get yours soon if you're planning to.

Next up is the latest Mami figure to hit the market, the Yukata version! After an initial delay of one month, Mami is finally here and it is every bit as lovely as the pictures had illustrated. The box looks really good too!

There are little windows shaped like actual windows placed all around the box, a nice touch.

That's all for this quick look at the early June haul. This month is gonna be an exciting one, as there's gonna be a mid/late-June haul coming as well.

Until then, have fun collecting and have a great day everyone!


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