Tomoe Mami Bath Towel Version Review

Let's Review: Tomoe Mami Bath Towel Version

Is it time for another review? Yes, it is! After a long wait, I've finally gotten around to completing the photo shoot and review for Mami's Bath Towel version figure. As usual, before beginning any review, let's go through some basic information about this Mami figure.

Distributed by Aniplex and manufactured by Stronger, the Bath Towel Mami was initially offered as an Aniplex Exclusive during Wonder Festival this year. Lucky attendees would be able to get their hands on it a whole 5 months before the official release date of July 2015. The Wonder Festival version costs 8,000 Yen and comes with the event exclusive bath salts while, the standard version costs 200 Yen less without the bath salts. As for scale, this figure is of a 1/8 scale tanding roughly 190 mm (~7.41 inches) tall. With that info aside, let's move onto the review.

Front View
Does the pose look familiar? That's because it comes from a really short scene from the Rebellion movie where Mami has to cut short her beauty regime because of a Nightmare attack.

Rear View
Yeap, the bath towel is really short and that's pretty much all Mami has on. How's that for fan-service?

Mami looks like she's going to remove her bath towel but, don't get any more ideas about it as the bath towel isn't a cast off. Mami is much to young to be featured in such a figure.

Because the towel isn't a cast off, there aren't any seams running through it. In fact, it is one continuous piece which helps make the sculpt look really pleasing. Obviously there's no fooling anyone that it is actual cloth but, the illusion is definitely there.

Facial expressions wise, Aniplex has decided to deviate a little from the usual Ume Aoki-styled eyes and face. Instead, giving Mami more rounded facial expressions with smaller further spaced eyes. Nevertheless, Mami is still very recognizable especially with her signature blonde hair and twin tails.

Her signature twin tails are still there and they're very well sculpted too. Each curl is well detailed without being too thick or wide. As usual, two and a half curls is the magic number.
Moving onto finer details, you'd most probably be able to notice the slight dark highlights on Mami's hair. They're especially apparent at the edge of her fringe framing her face. While is certainly is interesting, I'm not a big fan of it and would've preferred if they were a lighter shade.

Mami mounts onto a simple square base but, only at one feet with a single peg. While the connection is snug, the whole figure does feel a tad bit unstable especially since only one foot is secured. It would have been nice if another peg was included to help make it more stable.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the base is designed after the carpet in Mami's room. A pretty neat touch huh?

Sculpt wise, Mami's legs are slim and slender although, the sculpt isn't much to shout about. A nice touch are the painted toenails which we've come to see in many Mami figures.

By far though, the most impressive sculpting and detailing throughout the whole figure has to be the titular bath towel. The way it flows around Mami's figure is rather magical with each crease corresponding to the direction of motion and Mami's body.

Besides that, this little pink towel is also given rather aggressive color tones with the lighter tones indicating signs of stretch. You either like it or you don't. Fortunately for me, I quite like it.

Let's not to put all the emphasis on the bath towel shall we? Here's another more closed up shot of Mami's smiling face. It may deviate from the original art style but, I think Mami looks really pretty!

Accompanying that close up, let's take a closer look at Mami's twin tails. They're really quite nice aren't they? What takes ordinary girls hours to accomplish is just a snap of her fingers for Mami.

From this back view, doesn't Mami's neck look a little too long?

The fantastic sculpt of the towel continues all the way to the back. I wonder how the sculptor figured out the right way to mold the creases.
With all the emphasis on sculpt and detailing, how are the colors then? Only having a bath towel on, there's not much reference material to go on. But, just the like the rest of the figure, very satisfactory.
Beginning with her hair, Mami's locks are a nice pale shade of yellow/blonde finished in matte. Only the dark highlights are a little off otherwise, everything's good.

Mami's bath towel is a nice shade of light pink and it matches her skin tone nicely. Her nails are painted neatly in pink and that little touch matches her towel too!

Speaking of skin tone,  Mami has a fairly neutral skin tone finished in a semi-gloss finish, fairly standard figure stuff. All in all, the colors are, like I mentioned earlier, pretty pleasing to the eyes.

What's my conclusion on Mami Bath Towel version? Two words. Love it. Admittedly, the figure is blatant fan service with Mami having the most developed figure among all the Magical Girls. Still, the quality of the entire figure is still top notch and worthy of a Wonder Festival exclusive and as a self-proclaimed Mami maniac, this is a definite must have. After all, didn't I say this is one of my collection's gems?

That wraps up today's review. Hopefully you enjoyed it and look forward to the new review. Until then, have a day everyone!


  1. Although I realize it's been over a year since you posted this, I just wanted to say this was a delightful review! You had some really great observations and personal opinions, and the accompanying photos were spectacular... especially that last one. It almost looks like the towel has an intentionally "clothy" texture. Question: Does she still stand upright for you nowadays, even with the unstable peg you mentioned? Thanks! :)

    1. First of all, thanks for your comment. I'm really glad you liked the review. As to answer your question, yes, she does still stand upright these days despite only having one peg to secure her. That being said, I have put her away in the original box for several months now as I am currently away from my collection and don't want dust to settle on her. :)

  2. I'm curious, if you look up the bottom of the towel, what is there?

    1. Just Mami's underwear, nothing special.


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