Super Sonico Taito Uniform Version Review

Let's Review: Super Sonico Taito Uniform Review

It's time again for another Sonico review and this time we have a particular Sonico prize figure which is of particular importance. Why? Because this particular Sonico figure which has her dressed in the employee's outfit of Taito Game Arcades is exactly where I won this figure. Best part is it only took me 3 tries which roughly equates to 300 Yen in order to win her! As such, you can see why this particular figure is of particular importance to me especially since I do not frequent arcades much.

Before jumping into the review, let's go through some basic information about this Sonico figure. Officially called the Taito Uniform/Seifuku Version, Sonico stands roughly 190 mm (7.48 inches) tall including the base. Manufactured by Taito, this figure is relatively old now having been released in June 2014 as a prize figure. As usual, winning in the arcades isn't the only way to get hold of such a figure as prize figure like these can easily be bought of retailers. With that done with, let's move onto the review!

Front View
With Sonico standing in such a dynamic pose, there's no real define front view but, this will do. As you can see, Sonico is dressed in the same uniform that Taito arcade staff where, hence the name Taito Uniform version. Throughout the figure, you'll also see many little Taito markings which are really neat!
Rear View
Do all Taito female staff wear such prohibitively short skirts? Well, not that I know off but, this is a Sonico figure so, a little something to spice things up isn't unexpected really. I would've preferred a longer skirt but, this is fine.

Side View
Besides the Taito uniform, Sonico is also carrying a box most likely to be filled with arcade prizes. In this case though, it is filled with Nico-chan's eye-patch wearing green teddy. Not so hard at work after all huh?
Side View
As she's only standing on one leg, there's a slight slant to her pose. This can look rather awkward at certain angles but, does add a degree of realism to the pose. I'm just glad the pegs which hold her in work just fine.
Facial expressions wise, Sonico does look pretty happy with a wide smile on her face. Although, there's something off about her face's shape that I just can't seem to put a finger on. Perhaps it is because her chin is too sharp? Also, I think that Sonico's eyes are just a tad bit too big. At least, her fringe is really detailed.
Besides her fringe, Sonico's hair has some pretty awesome sculpt too. It flows outwards in line with her movement and the edges aren't blunt or clumped up either. The only complaint I would have for the hair is that the color gradient is too aggressive with her hair being completely white on the top.

Then, there are few other niggles here and there too. For starters, the glue marks are a little too obvious at some points. For example, the wires which trail from her back pouch to her neck has rather noticeable glue marks especially at her chest area. Then, there's the matter of proportions where Sonico's bust looks much too large. It is given that Sonico is really busty but, the size of her bust here just do not match her proportions. Other niggles include some painting inconsistencies and rough surfaces but, those are just minor flaws.

Remember how I mentioned the inclusion of many of Tatio's little trademarks? Well, one of them is the Taito Staff marking on the sleeve.
The name tag even writes her name (そに子) down! Although, reading it would prove to be rather difficult at the current angle of her name tag.

On the back, there's a large Space Invaders sprite which is a trademark of Taito. After all, they made it.
There's a little Space Invaders at the back too. In case you're wondering what the bag/pouch is for, it is a general utility bag used to store the standard issue communication device and lots of plastic bags.

Finally, there's a small Space Invaders logo at the corner of the cardboard box too. They're really small and the fact that Taito decided to include is a real plus. Such attention to detail!
The cardboard box that Sonico holds is actually removable which is good for a number of reasons. Firstly, it removes the need for any glue/adhesive which prevent any unsightly glue marks.

Secondly, there won't be any incidences of paint spillage due to the close contact between Sonico's hands and the box.

Sonico's headphones are well sized and help cover any unsightly head seam. Unfortunately, the coloring of the silver colored portions aren't even and look rather messy on closer inspection.

Ah! That unsightly glue mark!

The sculpt on Sonico's legs are rather average and aren't as nice to comparable prize figure Sonico such as those manufactured by FuRyu. Still, they made her stand on one leg which is pretty neat.

A simple white base to save cost and with two pegs, it securely holds Sonico in place. Of the two pegs, one if a particularly long one which helps provide more support and stability in securing Sonico. While the connection does feel a little lose, it still does a good job.
Surprisingly, the shoes are pretty nicely colored and detailed. The glossy finish helps separate it from the similarly colored black socks.

Let's take a break from all the close-up shots and zoom out a little. As you can see, the pose Sonico is striking is actually quite nice and it complements her cheerful expression. Aside from the unrealistically small uniform, it does actually look like Nico-chan is hard at work in an arcade.
Sonico's black skirt is supposedly removable but, there's no easy way of doing it. I failed to find any easy release or seams which mark an area that can be opened. Hence, I believe you'd have to remove it for good once you do. Although, why would you want to in the first place? Her skirts already short enough as is and underneath are just a pair of similarly colored black panties. 
Panties shot? Hah! You wish. 

Instead, you're gonna get an extra dose of Sonico's cheerful expression.

With most of the bases covered, let's quickly review what we've gone through. Sculpting, pose and detailing are all pretty good. While, proportions, coloring and the finish could definitely use some work.
What do I make of all this? Well, for a prize figure, you don't go in expecting much anyway which would explain the slight deficits in quality. After all, these prize figures weren't meant to be 10,000 Yen shelf pieces. But, that's also part of their appeal, they cost so little yet offer so much.

Would I recommend it? At the right price, definitely. Look to spend no more than 1,500 Yen on her and you wouldn't be disappointed especially with such a unique theme/outfit.

That wraps up today's review and a 360 view will be coming up soon. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!


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