Super Sonico Clothes Changing Time Version Review

Let's Review: Super Sonico Clothes Changing Time Version

After a one week hiatus, it's finally up! Today, we'll be taking a look at a Sonico figure which has much more clothing than she usually has on. Nice change of pace isn't it? But, before we jump straight into the reviews, as always, let's go through some information of the figure we see before here.

Part of the Daily Life series of Sonico prize figures manufactured by FuRyu, today we have Sonico going through another routine of her daily life, picking out what to wear. Only, along the review, we'll see how that doesn't really match up. Anyway, she stands roughly 200 mm (7.8 inches) tall and was released back in April 2014. Prize figures are generally found as, namesake, prizes in arcades or alternatively you can buy them straight in hobby stores which is often the better idea. With that aside, let's move onto the review!
Front View?
With Sonico looking towards the left as if looking into the wardrobe, there's no concrete "front" view. Although, I found this orientation to be the best if you're planning to place her in your display shelf. With two hands holding onto a long-sleeved blue shirt, Sonico does look like she's planning her wardrobe for the day albeit the lack of pants.
Rear View
From the rear, you'll notice that the sweater Sonico has on is actually a rabbit hoodies hence, the rabbit motifs on her front pockets. The edge of her inner shirt sticks out playfully at the back to cover up ever so slightly. A really nice touch if you ask me.
Unlike her other outfits, her rabbit sweater/hoodie isn't too tight fitting either. Being a sweater/hoodies, the fabric ought to be thicker and that's apparent with this figure, especially the way the fabric crumples around her arms.

Of course, even with a looser fitting outfit, there's no escaping a bust like Sonico's especially with the way her hands are positioned. So, if you're worried that Sonico's figure may be compromised, worry not.
Isn't that rabbit hoodie adorable? If only FuRyu made a version with the hood up, just like with her Tiger hoodie. That would be super cute!
Detracting from the cuteness of her rabbit hoodie, I actually meant to talk about her hair. FuRyu Sonico figures tend to have intricate flowing hair movements but, fall short in terms of coloring and they have the tendency to look clumpy. This one, falls somewhere in the middle ground of that statement.
On one hand, the sculpt and movement for the hair looks really nice and the surface finish is also pretty smooth. The tips of her hair don't look too blunt and the convergence points aren't clumpy. Unfortunately, the color gradient is still off with the pink color shifting ultimately to white at the top. Then, there's also the problem with her fringe looking much too messy and clumpy which the next picture illustrates.

Facial details wise though, FuRyu gets it spot on once again. The decals for Sonico's eyes are applied nicely with a matte finish to it and her smile is equally well done. Sonico just looks the best when she has a big smile on her face, doesn't she?
Headphones. An essential part of Sonico, something she is never seen without. Just like Miku, it's part of her character and that's great. Figure-wise, headphones are also great for covering head seams which this does but, misses out a little. It may be a little difficult to notice, but her head seam is noticeable towards the ear cups. Took me a while to notice myself.
Size-wise, Sonico's headphones are rather well sized. The upper "suspension" band of her headphones may be a little too high up but, that's just a minor niggle. Quality wise, it is nothing fantastic. It looks acceptable from afar but, I've yet to find any Sonico prize figure which gets a smooth silver finish on the headphones.

Moving down to Sonico's clothes, there's lovely little details all over her outfit. For starters, there's the green striped tie which nicely complements her white shirt. The small pink buttons on her collar are a very nice touch especially considering their size.

As for her sweater/hoodie, there's the rabbit motif on her front pockets that I mentioned earlier.There are two pockets, one on the left another on the right, and they both sport the cute rabbit. Adding more color to her outfit are the lavender colored buttons on her sweater/hoodie. These buttons are actually part of the sculpt rather than being painted on.

Aside from the nicely sculpted sweater/hoodie, the shirt that Sonico is holding onto is pretty well sculpted too. It crumples and folds nicely mimicking actual fabric. Although, I do wonder if the sleeves look too short.
Even at the back, the sculpt for her sweater/hoodie continues to give off the illusion of fabric thickness with the slight folds at the back.
Some of you might be thinking, "Argh! Why is that shirt there?"

Done with the upper half of her outfit, let's move onto the lower half or lack thereof. Sonico is sporting a pair of thigh-high black stockings and that's pretty much it. It would have been easy for FuRyu to just evenly paint the whole pair of stockings solid black. Instead, they went to a tonal finish, as the picture illustrates, making it appear more realistic. Plus, it helps compliment Sonico's long legs.

Cost saving measure means a plain white base as usual. As long as it steadily and securely holds up the figure, that's good enough for me and all a base has to do. Even with Sonico standing on one foot, the two pegs which secure it do it very good job in securely holding Sonico in position. Job well done then.
Panty shot? As usual, you know the answer. Just to sate your curiosity though, Sonico is sporting a light blue pair.
All that talk of sweater/hoodie fabric thickness and I forgot to mention one thing, weight. By far, this is one of the heavier Sonico prize figures and by a notable margin. This considerable heft is likely attributable to her outfit and surprisingly, feels really good when you pick it up.

The extra weight and lack of any flimsy parts really lends to making this Sonico figure feel like it is a much higher quality figure than it actually is.

Right before we end the review, let's go over all the bases again. Beginning with sculpt, there's hardly any complaints to be had short of the slight niggles with her hair. Sonico has a lovely pose complemented by her equally lovely smile and outfit.

Then, there's the detailing too which is spot on especially with this being a prize figure. Facial expressions and minor details, like the buttons, are all very well done.

Finally, there's the coloring and finish. The choice of colors for her outfit complement Sonico nicely especially her pink hair. Plus, the contrasting colors of the buttons add a nice touch too. Finish wise, the surfaces are reproduced well for most parts with a slight inconsistency in her hair and headphones.

Time to wrap it all up then with some final words. Did you know this is actually my second Sonico scale figure? The first being the one I won from Taito's Game Centre. Back then, I wasn't much a fan of Sonico just yet and picked this one up because I thought it looked good and it was relatively cheap too (1,200 Yen). Which makes me wonder, what took me such a long time to review this Sonico figure? Because this is easily one of the better Sonico figures, prize or not.

So if you're a Sonico fan, this is a must have figure for your collection. Otherwise, it is still a good figure otherwise and could just be your gateway figure to begin your Sonico collection.

That's all for now, a 360 view is coming up tomorrow. Until then, have a great day everybody and enjoy your weekend!


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