Nendoroid Nozomi Finally Announced!

While the other members of Muse were announced and released one after another in Nendoroid form, I have patiently waited. Finally, that day has come to an end with Good Smile officially announcing Nendoroid Tojo Nozomi and it's due for release this October (2015). Just like the orders, Nozomi is dressed in her School Idol outfit and comes with a variety of parts to emulate her signature moves.

Aside from the usual happy face and "dancing" hands, there's also a mischievous grin face and special hand parts to reproduce Nozomi's signature Washi Washi Max "attack". This little addition alone has made me want this Nendoroid that much more and I'm so glad Good Smile decided to include it.

Besides that, there's also Nozomi's other signature, her tarot cards! Of course, there's only one card but, still a very nice addition to have.

How do things add up price wise? 3241 Yen, the same as every other Love Live Nendoroid so far which is a very affordable price point indeed. If you pre-order from the Good Smile Online Shop, there's a little bonus of a patterned base. Without having too many additional parts, Good Smile is able to keep the price down and the figure simple. That's a very good thing.

Excited? You bet I am! Now there's just the little matter of placing a pre-order and waiting till October. What about you? Are you going to pre-order this as well?

Either way, thanks for reading! Until then, have a great week everybody.

As usual, all photo credits go to GSC and do check out the link for the product here


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