Catch-Up Content 19: Candle in the Heart

Santa is too cruel.

A wild Kotori appears.

I hope they're not expired...


What would you do with Eli as a gift?

Nico joins in as well!

No tomatoes?

Look! Rin-nyan & Kayo-nyan!

Yeap, no tomatoes.

A little overdue considering Christmas has long past but, this is an arc I enjoyed both reading and translating. As such, I figured it would be worth a share.

As always, if you have enjoyed the comics, make sure to check out the original artist over on Pixiv. For more translations, head on over here. Apologies in advance if I made any mistakes as I am still learning with simple sentences in this 4koma proving to be good training material. Once again, thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.


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