SIF Coverage: The Big Scout

Prior to Update 3.0's release, I had been saving up all my Green and Blue Scouting Tickets. Not only did I not have sufficient inventory space to house anymore R and above members, a part of me had always wanted to do a big scout too. Now, with 15 Green Scouting Tickets and 8 Blue Scouting Tickets, I set off on the journey for the deceptively illustrious 1% UR.

What did the tickets have in store for me? Only one way to find out, scouting!

Kotori-chun! I already have this though, what is next?

Honoka-chun! As Kotori would say.

Strike! Third draw and it is a SR Rin! A much needed boost for my Pure Team which still has 2 R members.

More Kotori-chun and a Rare I had not collected before. Neat!

Even more Kotori-chun. This time, an SR too!

Training Outfit Maki. Is there where I begin to run out of luck?

Pajamas Rin. Really cute, but I already have her.

(I forgot to take a screenshot of the 9th Scout)

This makes it the fourth Kotori. A fairly common R which can be easily traded for stickers.

Nozomi this time and one from the initial sketches too, she still wears a tie. Off to the Sticker Shop with you, unfortunately.

Ho! It is Training Outfit Honoka.
(Training Outfit Maki came again hence, I did not screenshot it)

Ho! Ho! It is Honoka again.

Last ticket and first-generation Maki.

Having run through 15 Green Scouting tickets and netting 2 SR, I was not feeling too bad. But, it was time to take things to the next level with Blue Coupon Scouting. Will the 20% UR odds be there for me?

Unfortunately, no. Still, China Dress Eli!

Why the excitement? Because this would make it my second China Dress Eli and that means, Special Practice!

So pretty! Nearly relegated out of my Smile Team, Eli has once again found herself back in.

In order to get one more Blue Scouting Ticket, I decided to try out with a 10+1 First-Year Student Scout.

Well, well, what do we have here? SR Hanayo makes the RinPana Pure Combo complete! A fairly standard draw with only SR but, I was not expecting much to begin with.

With one more Blue Scouting ticket, it was time to take the leap of faith for one last scout

As my infamous luck, or lack thereof, would prove, it turned out to be just a SR Umi. No UR for me today then.

Still, 4 new SR members and one idolized SR is not too bad.

Not to mention, three of them have the Pure Attribute which further bolsters my Pure Team.

While I am sure they will be relegated out of the team one day to make way for stronger idolized members, that day is far from now still. In the meantime, they will no doubt serve me well.

My favorite draw of the day undoubtedly goes to this. I am so happy to finally get an idolized non-event SR and it is one from the China Dress series too. By far my favorite series of cards, if only I could get Nozomi. With that, the hunt for Nozomi and UR(s) continue. Back to saving up all that valuable scouting tickets and Love Gems to prepare for the next big scout.

Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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