SIF Coverage: SR Detective Hanayo

Day 6. Usually this would mark the halfway point of most events. But because this current event is only ten days long, we are actually slightly past the halfway point at sixty-percent through. If you are planning to tier for the event, you too would have obtained the event's SR card by now already. If you have not, no worries as the current event's pace is still rather manageable with these remaining five days being more than sufficient to catch up.

Anyway, let us not diverge from the main topic to much, which is Score Match 18's own Event SR Hanayo. With a small investment of Love Gems and consistent playing, I finally have my own (SR Hanayo) upon reaching 25,000 points. 
This is an SR I have been looking forward to ever since the event began. Not only is the Detective-theme unique, the event SR itself is a pretty potent Smile card that is the SR Detective Hanayo. At Level 1, her stats may look pretty underwhelming with only 3,660 Smile Points.
Upon hitting Level 60 though, the Smile points rack up to an impressive 4,490 points. If you go on to idolize Hanayo, you are potentially looking at 4,770 Smile Points making her the 5th best event Smile card and 23rd overall best Smile SR. On top of that, her Perfect Lock skill "Big News!"  (just imagine Hanayo saying that) is a high percentage rapid-fire type making it extremely useful in tackling trickier EX songs. Considering how the cutoff for Tier 2 is (as of now) predicted to be slightly over 45,000 points, many players only need to put in a modest investment of Love Gems to obtain this gem of a card. Question is, why would you not?

Design-wise, Hanayo's outfit does look rather plain. Sporting a Sherlock Holmes-esque coat and cap, Hanayo sure plays the part for the whole Detective theme. If that was not enough, there is the suspicious note and magnifying glass to add to it as well. But, the one aspect that I like most about this otherwise bland card, is Hanayo's expression. Indeed, it must be rather big news.

Hanayo is truly such an adorable character with her unique voice and cute lines, it is really hard not to like her. I missed out on the opportunity to tier for Hanayo in her previous Score Match (Round 13). This time around, I do not intend to miss out on obtaining the Rice-Goddess!

What about you? Hard at work tiering for the event or just casually playing the event? Either way, I wish you all the best! Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have a great day ahead.


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