Madogatari Mami, Shinobu Version

The number of Madoka Magica figures released this past year has been rather slow, wouldn't you say? The last time we saw a large influx of figures was from the Madogatari exhibition last year and the most recent Magiccraft Ichiban Kuji earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, both these releases were very well received and are a relative scarcity on the re-sellers market today. The Madogatari figures were event limited, lending to their exclusivity. Even the Kuji prizes are hard to find, I have to yet to get my "Last Prize" Mami.

While this has been since the second Madogatari exhibition, I felt the sudden urge to talk about the upcoming Madogatari Mami figure. While Homura and Senjougahara were first in line to receive a crossover scale figure, it is finally time for Mami's turn. This time, the crossover features Mami and Shinobu with Mami wearing Shinobu's dress and the latter sporting Mami's Puella Magi outfit. True to their character, Mami has a glass of tea in her hands and Shinobu her sweets. 

Currently, they are slated for a July 2016 release but, that may change in the future. Banpresto will be responsible for manufacturing these prize figures so, there is some reassurance in quality there. Showcased at the exhibition, were two variants of Mami with a slight change in color tone. Personally, I am leaning to the one with a brighter tone (upper left) but, I am unsure if both these variants will be produced. If they are, I will tend have to consider whether to get one or both.

She looks absolutely adorable with Bebe!
Either way, I am fairly excited about a new Mami figure coming to the market. If the release date holds true, I will be definitely get it upon release. As to the matter of Shinobu, I am still left rather uncertain as I do not hold much interest (as of yet) for the Madogatari Series. Part of me just feels like getting her nonetheless to complete the set though. Oh, well!

Only time will tell how things pan out. In the meantime, thank you so much for reading this brief coverage and have a great day ahead!


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