SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 18 Conclusion

After a rather uneventful ten days, Score Match Round 18 has finally come to an end. Really quickly, we are going to run through the final stages of the event taking a look at the tier cutoffs and, ultimately, the event-exclusive member cards. Of course, the end of this event also marks the 2nd Anniversary of School Idol Festival on the EN Server. More details about that at the end of the coverage.

First up, we take a look at the Top 5 scorers who, unsurprisingly, always rack up huge numbers whilst generally every other player in awe. First place this time goes to "PEANUT" with 800,000 points followed by "Momochan" and EN Server's highest ranking player "Kintolesky" who is no stranger to the leader boards. Impressive stuff as always!

Moving onto Tier 1, the top 1000th position this time cutoff at a expected low of 61,909 points. The honor for that final Tier 1 spot goes to "Alphys". I have never aimed for qualifying for Tier 1 before but, looking at these numbers for the slower events does sometime tempt me.

Next up, we move onto Tier 2 with an equally low cutoff at 44,454 points which is rather surprising. This is because, the reward for reaching 45,000 points is a Love Gem and it would be natural to expect many to aim for that and secure their position. Nevertheless, "Trashykawa", "Raiza" and "Momo" managed to secure the final Tier 2 spot(s) at 44,454 points.

For this event, I invested a grand total of 6 Love Gems and comfortably secured my position in Tier 2 with 46,969 points at shared 2,597th position. This was much higher than I had planned to finish and I had even contemplated on using one less Love Gem. But, I decided against it nearing the final moments. You never want to be caught out in one of SIF's infamous "Wonderful Rush".

By far, this event had me investing the least amount of Love Gems in order to qualify for Tier 2. Spending just 6 Love Gems in order to obtain 1 Green Scouting Ticket and an event SR? Sounds like a good deal to me. Not to mention, Love Gems were rewarded along the way which mitigated the expenditure too.

Before I move onto Hanayo, let us first shine the spotlight on the often forgotten event N Card. This time, it Ichinose Marika's with a Pure attribute. Her idolized design fits in with the whole Detective-theme much better and appears to share some similarities with Detective Hanayo's un-idolized version.

Whenever I display this screen, I often remind my readers to ensure your cards are positioned correctly with the higher level member placed in the upper-most slot. You do not want to go through the unnecessary hassle of having to re-level your member especially one that goes through cards ferociously like such as an SR/UR.

Somehow, the excitement has yet to fade from seeing an SR card become idolized especially since this would be my first idolized SR Hanayo. 

Not to mention, I really like the design too. The color pallet stands out especially for me with the green, gold and gray/black forming a fitting combination. There is a little bit of white and brown in the mix too. Oh, it goes without saying, the outfit does look really cute and so is Hanayo's pose. Perhaps the only issued I have with the design would be the striped stockings but, even that is merely a minor issue.

Looking good is one thing but, performing well is an entirely different story. Fortunately for Detective Hanayo, she is diligently on the job sporting a very respectable 4,770 Smile Points on top of a rapid-fire Perfect Lock skill. According to the database, the SR Detective Hanayo is the 5th best event Smile SR. Hence, it is no surprise, that she is now my strongest SR Smile card.

Earlier I briefly mentioned the anniversary celebrations of EN School Idol Festival. With the event over, the bonus activities now begin. Full details can be obtained within the game itself under "Notices". Aside from the EXP requirement reductio and Love Gem login bonuses, the new songs being added to the roster has me the most excited. A total of 7 new songs are slated to be added and I am particularly excited for Nozomi's Moshimo Kara Kitto. 

Alright, that has been all for this coverage of Score Match Round 18. Once again, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great weekend ahead!


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