SIF Coverage: SR Apparition Nico

It is time for another update on Medley Festival Round 5's coverage! Today, we will be taking a look at the event SR, Apparition Nico. The banner of the event already shows plenty of what you would come to expect from the card's design. More importantly though, how does Nico's stats stack against the other event SR? Read on to find out.

Immediately after you collect 25,000 Event Points, you will be rewarded with the event's SR Apparition Nico. The card would be automatically deposited into your members list. If you do not have sufficient space there, it would be placed in your Reward Box. Rest easy, there is no expiration date for it.

Nico's skill "Nico the Imp" is a high-percentage Score Boost type which rewards skillful play. Stats wise at Level 1, Nico has 3,640 Cool Points which then shoots up to 4,470 Cool Points upon reaching Level 60. This would be the upper limit of her capabilities unless she is idolized. In which case, 20 additional levels would result in 4,750 Cool Points. Not a massive leap but, this still makes Apparition Nico the 7th best Cool event SR card. It is not as overpowered as Military Maki but, thoroughly impressive nonetheless. 

Here is a closer look at the card itself. It is quite a rarity to see Nico in such a demure outfit and pose. Things completely change when you idolize her though.

Lastly, here is a look at Apparition Nico should you choose her as your main center. As the event progresses, there will be new coverage of it along the way so, stay tuned for that. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!

Bonus Content: Of Full Combo & Login Bonuses

Full Combo!
Somehow, it is always my Smile Team which makes it through for me. Perhaps Smile EX songs are not as difficult?
7 Love Gems and;
Another 6 plus a Green Scouting Ticket have finally come to pass. I am saving up for a big scout soon so, these are perfect!


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