New Figures Incoming - Eli & Nozomi

The email confirmation from Good Smile Company has come in with good news. Both Nendoroid Eli and Nozomi will be launched this month as planned with no delays in sight. I always found it cute how Good Smile decided to launch the both of them together. But now with the official release dates announced, it is almost intentional how close they are together.

Just how close is it? Well, Eli gets the first launch with a release/shipping date on the 20th of May 2016. Being at the tail end of the month, buyers would still have to wait a while before getting their hands on her.

Joining her soon after on the 23rd of May 2016, is Nozomi who will be released then. With just a short three day gap in between release, I would not be surprised if Good Smile bundles the shipment for customers who ordered these two together.
Aside from general Love Live goodness and NozoEli shipping, why would one pre-order these two? In this case, a pre-order from Good Smile's Online Store yields some pretty neat bonuses.

This time, in the form of a special base and Night background. They may come across as being rather simple but, a highly sought after feature for many collectors.

Just to recap the dates:
  • Nendoroid Ayase Eli - 20th May, 2016
  • Nendoroid Toujou Nozomi - 23rd May, 2016
Are you excited for the release of these two? It will be my first new figures in a while so, I am pretty excited about it. Chances are, I will only receive mine at the beginning of June. Nevertheless, I am glad there are no delays.

Well, that will be all for today's update. Sometime this week, I am going to run a quick feature on my mini-haul for the month of May. Until then, thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day ahead!


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