SIF Coverage: The LP Overflow Chronicles

With the release of Update 3.0, we saw the introduction of several new features. One of which was LP Overflow where excess LP would be brought over to the next Rank. It was a much needed addition to the game removing the need to clinically calculate the amount of LP one had to save up and avoid wasting.

Prior to that, were the 2nd Anniversary celebration bonuses. Part of it was going an EXP Compensation to all players for reducing the requirements needed to achieve Rank 100. This bonus was retroactively rewarded to all players regardless of Rank.

All of sudden players found themselves with an immense amount of EXP and clearing a Rank resulted in a surge of Ranks. Even for higher ranking players, the amount was fairly substantial albeit benefiting lower ranking players more.

Many, including myself, decided to hold off from Ranking Up until the new event had started. Fortunately, it was a Medley Festival! Why? You are about to find out in a bit.

If you had not realized, the LP Overflow in combination with the EXP Compensation saw an insane amount of LP being "Overflowed" as a result of the multiple simultaneous Rank Ups. The result? At least for me, was 1407 LP to go through. Considering a single EX song requires 25 LP and approximately 2.5 minutes, it would require at least 140 minutes of continuous plays. Now, do you see why I was glad it was a Medley Festival?
With 60+ EX difficult songs to go through, I sat myself down for what was going to be a really long night. Things started of fairly well with my second 3x EX play being a Full Combo!

Unfortunately, all I was rewarded were 2 N Members and 5000G. Indeed, I really have no luck.

Several Lives and many minutes down the road, I managed to actually score some pretty good rewards along the way. Together with the herds of Alpacas, I got a few R members too. One of the most memorable one would be a double R reward of Nozomi and Honoka in Pure Attribute.

In the end, I managed to finish up all my LP albeit in two sittings as I needed to break for a meal. With that, the chronicles of the LP Overflow madness comes to an end with me sitting in the highest position I have ever reached, 517th overall. It was not long before I got kicked back down though.

With that finished, what would be the next Goal? Achieving Rank 160 of course where I will receive yet another Blue Scouting Ticket. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy SIF as I hope you do too. How did your LP Overflow madness go? I would love to hear your story. Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful week ahead!


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