SIF Coverage: Medley Festival Round 5 Conclusion

Hello, everyone! First of all, allow me to apologize for the lack of content these past few days. While we make it a point to have daily content updates on Tiro Finale, I have been extremely busy with work this past week. As such, I have not had to time to update Tiro Finale much less play SIF. Now that my schedule has eased up a little, it is time to get right back into it, starting with the recently concluded Medley Festival Round 5.

Oh, what an event it has been! Starting with the Top 5 finishers, we have a lovely name train made by some truly hardcore Nico fans. If the badge itself did not already give it away, their Level 100 idolized UR Nico(s) would have. A first place score of 1.6 million points, despite being something we have come to expect, is no less monumental when you consider the number of hours spent playing the game. So, there you have it. Congratulations to all those who qualified in the Top 5, there is no doubt you earned it!

Now, the focus shifts to what this event has been all about, insanely high cutoffs. Being the first post-3.0 event, many players saved up their accumulated EXP for a massive LP Overflow once the event had begun. This resulted in many players earning 30,000 points withing just the first day of the event alone. Compound that with the return of many players (for Update 3.0) and the 13 Love Gem login bonuses, the cutoffs continued to rise and rise until the very end of the event. With no one backing down from their desired tier, we see a 129,654 point cutoff for Tier 1. The final honor of the 1000th position goes to "Alores". Congratulations, 2 SR Apparition Nico for all of you Tier 1 qualifiers!

Meanwhile, the competition in Tier 2 for the top 5000 positions were no less intense. The scores just kept on rising and rising all the way till the last minute with no one person certain where it would stop. When the bell finally struck, the event closed of with a cutoff at 92,998 points! Keep in mind that past 80,000 Event Points there are no more event rewards to be collected and the previous Medley Festival cutoff at just over 62,000 for Tier 2. To think that 24 hours before the event ended, the predicted cutoff was 88,000 points. Wonderful Rush indeed.

Earlier I mentioned I have had a busy week hence, I could not commit much time to playing SIF. Aside from the initial LP Overflow and finishing my daily plays, I had not invested any Love Gems at all. Just 24 hours before the event ended, I was sitting at 66,000 points and looked as if I was on the track to finish outside of Tier 2. But, if there is one thing Maki would never do, is give up on Nico-chan! Some time and 11 Love Gems later, I qualified for 3811th Position. Was it worth it? I wonder about that still.

Nevertheless, qualifying for Tier 2 nets me some neat rewards namely a Green Scouting Ticket and an additional SR Nico! First idolized SR Nico, here I come.

Before that, here is quick look at the event's N member, Tatara Ru, idolized. The idolized version looks much better and shares the same color pallet as Nico too, for her outfit at least.

Special Practice Time. As always, do not forget to place the fully-leveled Nico as the first option. Otherwise, you will be looking at re-leveling her all over again.

Tadah! My very first idolized SR Nico.

Here is a look at her stats at Level 80. Having 4,750 Cool Points is rather formidable as the 7th most powerful Cool SR from Events. My SR Maki(s) now have a new companion.

While here is a closer look at the car itself. I must say, the outfit's design fits Nico perfectly especially with the lace and floral details.

Aqours' members are to join the Sticker Shop soon. Are you excited?

Well, that has been all for this crazy roller-coaster of an event. I mean it when I say it that I hope the future events are not as taxing as this. With the upcoming one being a Honoka Token Event, let us just hope things revert to normal sensible SIF. What about you? How has Medley Festival Round 5 been for you? I would love to hear what you have to say.

Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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