Early May Haul

In my two most recent posts, I hinted at something special and even debuted Galko-chan on Tiro Finale followed by a brief mention of her Nendoroid. Well, now that cat is out of the bag as I welcome two new figures into my collection for the month of May. 

The first, and one that I have been looking for diligently ever since I finished watching the anime is, Nendoroid No. 611 Galko. Despite having been released back in September 2016, Galko's Nendoroid was considerably difficult to find even on Mandarake with new additions quickly being "Sold Out". 

As such, when Galko finally surfaced on Mandarake's Nagoya store, my interest was immediately piqued. Unopened with minor "box damage", Mandarake was selling her for 3,000 Yen. A real steal in my opinion as Good Smile Company themselves retailed her for 4,444 Yen (before tax)! Without hesitation, I placed my order for her and two weeks later, she had arrived safe and sound at my doorstep!

That yawning expression is so cute!
I really love how Galko's box is primarily pink even though Galko herself has little traces of pink apparent anywhere. Speaking of the color pink, the second part of this early May haul also shares a healthy dose of the color pink.

That is, Max Factory's Super Sonico Racing Version! This is one figure that I have been waiting for ever since I watched the anime adaptation sorely hoping that someone would make a figure version of Sonico cosplaying Racing Miku's outfit.

Fortunately, Max Factory decided to pick up that task and delivered with this stunningly beautiful 1/7 Racing Sonico scale figure. Even the box is incredibly detailed with a clear window both front and back with really thick cardboard being used for the box. Worth every last Yen of the 11,440 Yen that I spent on getting her.

There may just be two figures for this early May haul but, the price of them combined easily outclass most of my usual hauls. It has been a while since I have been so genuinely excited for a haul and I am glad that the final products did not disappoint! 

That is not to say this is the end of the haul for this month though as, next week, we will be taking a look at my mid-May haul sporting various trinkets and goodies. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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