Mid May Haul

The same time last week, I introduced two new figures into the collection. Today, we are going to be taking a look at several other additions to the collections. Rather than figures though, these are trinkets of all sorts that added up to a surprising amount!

A wild Sonico appears!
Pardon Sonico's intrusion, she just got overly excited at the mention of a haul post. With the exception of one item, all of these new additions were gotten from Mandarake Sahra's warehouse. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at each member of the Mid-May Haul.

Starting with the only figure in the haul, we have the K Prize from the Rebellion film's Ichiban Kuji. The prize itself is a blind box containing one of five different Kyun-Chara mini figures. These designs include Homura and Madoka (as we see in the front), Nagisa, Bebe and one other secret character.

That secret character is actually Bebe with a different facial expression which I have handily covered in an earlier review of on Tiro Finale. Wanting to round of the collection and add yet another Bebe to the collection, I finally decided to get her.

At 800 Yen, this Kyun-Chara Bebe is significantly cheaper than the Secret version despite the only difference being her facial expressions. In terms of quality and detailing, you can expect the two versions to be exactly identical.

Next up, we have a deck of playing cards, or Trumps as the Japanese call it, from one of the earlier Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji lotteries. This particular deck of cards are the H Prize from the lottery and come in two variants, a white box and a black box. 

It was important to identify the distinction between the two variants as they had very different card designs. The black box pays a greater emphasis towards a Homura-themed design on the cards while, the white box variant focuses on Mami instead. Both version were, and still are, available for sale at Mandarake. But, I decided to go with the white box variant for now.

At 400 Yen, these deck of cards cost less than even a standard deck of playing cards! Moreover seeing as to how I do not presently have a set of playing cards, these would fit into the role just perfectly. 

Third on the list, is a Mami plush where she is dressed up as Kyubey. While I am not a fan of Kyubey, Mami just looked too adorable for me to pass up. But at 800 Yen, it probably was a little too much to spend and I was honestly expecting her to be larger too. Here you can see her next to Sonico for a relative sense of scale. 

Are you a superstitious individual? Because unlucky number four is an A3 Clear Poster. In all honesty, I had absolutely no idea what the contents of this box and a quick search online did not yield much information either. 

What I did know is that it was part of Lawson's Halloween Madoka Magica campaign. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had a rather clear idea of what this design was. So, I decided to go for it wishing for the best!

Even if it turned out to be something else, the 400 Yen price tag would not be too much to pay.

In the end, the poster turned out to look like this. A rather neat reversible poster with the various girls dressed up in Halloween costumes.

Fifth on the list is also another poster albeit a much larger sized A2 one.
Also from the Ichiban Kuji lottery, the name may say Hanging Art Poster in Japanese. But in fact, there is actually a better word to describe the poster in the English language.

That word is, tapestry. For those of you who are familiar with the Madoka Magica series, you may recognize this rather popular illustration.

I was a little hesitant to get it at first but, a price tag of just 600 Yen and some gentle persuasion from a fellow writer here on Tiro Finale and it is mine. No regrets.

The next item on the list and not from Mandarake is Platz's Realistic Weapon Series Realistic Handguns. I found this particular set of pistols being sold at a hobby shop at a steep discount so, I decided to get it. More material for future Mami in Action entries. 

Each box comes with 6 different types of handguns with 2 pieces each for a total of 12! Considering I only spent 800 Yen for the whole box, it was indeed quite a steal!

Especially since it was the Limited Edition Silver Coating Version. This meant every one of the handguns received a full silver coating just like the Desert Eagle and Magnum Revolver.

Sonico could not wait any longer and decided to barge in!
Last but not least, we have a Sonico plush from Banpresto! Made in collaboration with Racing Miku, this campaign spawned various merchandise including this plush toy. 

The most popular plush toys may be Sega's Nesoberi series. But, Banpresto has their own Kyungurumi series too of which this Sonico is from. For 500 Yen, there is little to complain about as most plushes at this size tend to cost a lot more. A full review of this Sonico plush is coming real soon.

With that, we wrap up the mid-May haul and also the last haul of the month. The next haul will likely come in July as I do not have anything in tow for the month of June as of now. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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