Super Sonico Snow White Version Preview & Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another figure feature on Tiro Finale! Do you like fairy tales? Because today, we will be doing a preview and unboxing of FuRyu's Super Sonico Snow White Version. As part of their Fairy Tale Special Figure Series, FuRyu has Sonico cosplaying a variety of fairy tale characters and in this case, Snow White. The box is instantly recognizable with its huge oval window and forest and apples theme. 

The sides of the box feature the concept art for Sonico's Snow White outfit surrounded by trees, apples and large castle in the background. The English words may say Princess of the Apple but, her design is a clear nod to Disney's version of Snow White.

The back of the box is standard FuRyu affair with a large amount of text which make up the usual warnings and legal notifications. 

Both sides of the box have the exact same illustration as we can see here. The dotted cutouts towards the top half of the box points towards its prize figure designation. While rarely used by arcade machines these days, the cutouts are there to allow for crane machines to "hook" into it.

Sonico certainly seems to fill out the outfit better than a certain princess.

Being a prize figure, the quality of the box can only be described as exceedingly poor. The extremely thin cardboard used does little in the way of shock absorption and is very prone to dents and tears, as seen above.

Moreover, the large oval window may look good but works against the structural integrity of the box by weakening the entire front panel of the box. To make matters worse, the glue used to secure the window to the box is rather weak. Hence, the window has a tendency to fall off entirely. Fortunately, repairs can be done fairly easily and being a prize figure, I would rather the manufacturers spend more money on the quality of the figure instead rather than the box.

Sonico-chan's Fairy Tale Special Figure ~ Snow White ~
If there was any doubt that Sonico is cosplaying Snow White, the title itself serves to confirm it. Of course, I can see why FuRyu would avoid writing that title in English and keep as "Princess of the Apple" instead.

Time to open up the box with the top of the box secured by three pieces of tape. Carefully run a blade through them and you will have easy access to the contents.

Because the cardboard is so thin, you will want to be careful when opening the lid to prevent tearing anything. Once you successfully open it, you will be greeted by Sonico sandwiched neatly between two plastic blisters.

These plastic blisters are secured by tape so, you will not to have a blade at hand to separate the blisters. Immediately, you notice just how tall Sonico is standing almost the entire length of the box. No wasted space here. Sonico herself is covered by a layer of thin plastic, both front and back, to prevent any unwanted paint transfer. The only other content besides the figure is a small white round base which helps keep cost low.

With everything opened up, I must say initial impressions have been very positive. While Sonico may still bearing a lot of cleavage, seeing her much more clothes on than usual is a refreshing change of pace. Moreover, the dress' design and bright colors really pop making for a visually pleasing figure.

Stay tuned to Tiro Finale as we will put Sonico through her paces as we review her later in the week. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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