SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 11

A big update and a server merger later, a new event has started on SIF's WW (worldwide, no longer EN) server. Commemorating the new update and the third anniversary of SIF (in English), Medley Festival Round 11 has started. This double-SR Aqours event will run shorter than usual, only 9 days from the 25th of May till the 2nd of June.

Being a double-SR event, the first event SR is unlocked via accumulating event points. SR Ice Skating Riko is first unlocked at 22,500 event points along side various other rewards along the way. Each milestone unlocks new rewards from Friend Points to Love Gems. 
Just by completing Completion Rewards, players are able to automatically unlock up to three copies of SR Riko. The second copy is unlocked at 60,000 Event Points. At this point, things have gotten rater steep and players who intend to tier for the event would usually have to surpass these points. 

Then, the third copy is unlocked at 100,000 Event Points. Every event is a little different from the rest and with that, comes varying cutoff points. Will Tier 2 for this event surpass this number? Only time will tell especially with the new changes that have been put into place.
Speaking of new changes, one of the biggest changes since the merger of servers is the expansion of the tiers. Tier 1 now cutoffs at 1,200 positions and Tier 2 at 6,100 positions. To be honest, it is not a very big tier expansion and I am unsure if it is sufficient to make up for the sudden influx of players on a single server. But, it will be a necessity if players want to unlock and idolize the second event SR, SR Ice Skating Dia.
The third group of rewards are Score Ranking Rewards which calculate your highest cumulative score from a single Medley and pits it against other players. The higher your score, the higher your rank and subsequently, your rewards.

Medley formats have not changed with the difficulties and number of songs still remaining the same. The new bonuses introduced in the previous Medley Festival are still in place and act as a way to promote players to spend more in-game cash.
Lastly, before we end, here is a quick look at the event's N member, Kikuchi Akemi. Next time, we will take a closer look at SR Ice Skating Riko in both her normal and idolized form. Stay tuned for that! Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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