SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 25 Begins

A new event has rolled out on SIF's EN Server! This time, an Umi-centered Score Match entitled Score Match Round 25. The event will run for 11 days from the 5th till the 15th of May. As with the previous Eli Token Event, this event too is a single-SR event which sees a departure from the usual high pace of double-SR events. Now, let us quickly take a look at the rewards up for grabs throughout this event.

The first category of rewards are "Completion Rewards" where players unlock various rewards along the way via accumulating Event Points and hitting certain milestones. The more points you collect, the more lucrative the reward is. Of course, the one reward all players should be eyeing is the Event SR Bubbles Umi which is unlocked at 25,000 Event Points.
Moving forth, we have the "Event Ranking Reward" which is more commonly known as the Tiers. Both Tier 1 and 2 unlock additional copies of SR Bubbles Umi which is necessary for idolization via Special Practice without the use of Stickers. Moreover, this event sees a change from the previous Eli Token Event where Tier 1 and 2 have now reverted to rewarding two and one copies of the Event SR respectively.

Next up, we have "Score Match Points Ranking Reward" which is just a really long name for Matchmaking Ranks (MMR). This system was implemented in the previous Score Match, much to my dismay due to its rather imbalanced nature. Having tried a little bit of this current event, I must note that the systems seems to have been re-balanced somewhat which is a nice plus. 

Score Matches come in 5 flavors to choose from, Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Technical. Expert and Technical are identical in terms of requirements and rewards with the only difference being difficult. In terms of value, Expert/Technical is definitely the way to go as it provides much more points than playing on Hard and below. Of course, if it is too difficult for you at this moment, there is no shame in playing the other difficulties as you gradually learn the mechanics of the game.
Last but not least, there is a new Limited Scouting till the 8th of May for Muse members. This one is rather interesting because it sees the introduction of "Step-Up Scouting" which features all 9 members and caps off at 5 steps. A rather interesting proposition indeed. 

Next time, we will be taking a look at the event's SR Bubbles Umi sometime midway through the event. Stay tuned for that together with Tiro Finale's daily content updates. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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