SIF Coverage - SR Bubble Umi

Now halfway through the event, it is time for us to cast our spotlight on the event's SR Bubble Umi. Thus far, the event has moved as predicted with a pace slightly slower than what we are used to. This is actually a good thing for players aiming to Tier in the event as less Love Gems will have to be invested throughout the whole event. Nevertheless, that is a discussion for another time as we now move onto the main topic at hand, Umi-chan.

Unlocked at 25,000 Event Points, SR Bubble Umi is automatically added into your account be it into your Member List or Present Box depending on the amount of free space in your inventory. No second copies until the end of the event, unfortunately.

At Level 1, we can see Umi sporting a Smile Attribute with 3,630 Smile Points. As Smile is not her Core Attribute, do not expect to see insane growth or stat boosts in that department. Her Skill "Bubbles Everywhere!" is your standard issue Score Up skill with an emphasis on being rapid-fire (every 24 notes with a 40% chance). 

Train her up to Level 60 and Umi's Smile Points would rise to 4,460 points. Nothing much to shout about with her final bit of potential lying within her idolized form. When idolized, Umi would become the 8th strongest Event Smile SR card which is rather impressive considering her core attribute is Cool. As always, to unlock her full potential which include increased levels, bonds and skill slots, you will need to idolize her.

For now, we can all admire Umi playing with bubbles as she is, thus far, the only member in this series of cards. While I am not an Umi-fan myself, I know many who are have been waiting for this card for quite a while.

Stay tuned to Tiro Finale as our next part will be covering the conclusion of the event together with the idolized version of SR Bubbles Umi. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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