Super Sonico After Bath Time Version Preview & Unboxing

Hello, everyone and welcome to another figure feature on Tiro Finale! Today, we will be taking a FuRyu's Super Sonico After Bath Time Version prize figure. Manufactured by FuRyu, this Sonico figure is part Total Lifestyle Coverage series which captures Sonico in various activities of her daily life. In this case, we have Sonico drying off after taking a bath.

Every Sonico figure from this series is instantly recognizable with its large front window and colorful box. This figure is no different with the front window allowing for easy recognition of the figure within. This particular feature is extremely useful because there are thirteen different figures in this series with several color variants. As such, knowledge of Japanese is not necessary for collectors.

Flip the box around to the back and you will get a product picture of the Sonico figure inside. This also serves as a reference point in assembling and aligning the extra parts. Next to the picture are the usual warnings and documentation that come included with all figures. FuRyu prefer to place it on the back as compared to the bottom of the box like many manufacturers do.

The sides of the box feature a nice illustration of Sonico taking a breather after band practice. Seeing as she worked up quite a sweat, this then ties up nicely with the bath theme that the figure emphasizes. While it may appear that the two have no link at first, you start to notice the clever use of continuity when analyzing further!

Both sides of the box have the same exact illustration except for slight variation in the background between the two. Otherwise, the illustration is exactly identical. Sonico still needs a bath and, judging from the figure, does get one. 

The bottom of the box is a simple and plain blue design. Nothing fancy here and some collectors may prefer to open the box from this side. 

The top of the box has Sonico's name written in both English and Japanese with all three open sides secured by a thin strip of tape.

Using a blade, carefully run it through each of the tape to produce a clean cut and open the box. The cardboard used for this box is rather thin so, be careful when opening it to avoid tearing the flaps of the box. Another downside of the thin box is that it is not very strong and is prone to dents and damages rather easily. 

Removing the contents and you are greeted with Sonico sandwiched between two plastic blisters. The two plastic blisters are secured together with tape and you will need to cut or remove this tape to gain access to the figure. Rest assured, the figure has a layer of clear plastic to prevent direct contact with the plastic blisters.

The included contents within the blister include this green stool which also serves as the base. the indentation on the seat is to allow Sonico to fit snugly onto the seat with a flush finish. 

Next, there is the baby blue hairdryer that Sonico holds in her left hand while drying her hand. There may be no cords for the dryer but, look closer and you will notice that there are actually buttons on the dryer! 

Last and certainly not least, we have the Sonico figure itself. She fits perfectly into the mold on the seat without any need for pegs and the hairdryer slips nicely into the grip of her left hand. The figure review has not even begun but, I am already mighty impressed with what I have seen thus far!

That will be all for today's preview and unboxing of FuRyu's Super Sonico After Bath Time Version figure. The full review will be up in the middle of the week and I am really looking forward to presenting this new figure review. I hope you can look forward to it too. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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