SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 25 Conclusion

Eleven days later and Round 25 of Score Match on SIF's EN Server has finally come to a close. The event this time was rather slow paced with cutoff surprisingly dropping from initial estimates from the first half off the event. Before we proceed any further, apologies to all our readers for this delayed SIF Coverage as I was caught up with work since the end of the event. With that cleared up, let us first take a look at the final event rankings before we jump into an in-depth look at the idolized SR Bubbles Umi.

Starting with the Top 5 positions, we have shared first places going to RetroOtaku and Massaca with 1,111,111 Event Points each. Not too far behind in third and fourth place are Bri and 4 Allytria with a little over one million Event Points. The final spot goes to SIF EN's resident top scorer and highest ranking player, Kintolesky. Good job, everyone!

Next up, we have the cutoffs for Tier 1 which sits slightly over 126,000 points. The final 1100th position goes to Levi with 126,186 Event Points. As you can see, the cutoffs for Tier 1 still fall within the milesetones for the Event Rewards which gives a hint of the not so competitive nature of this event. After all, it is good to slow down the pace of the events every now and then rather than going full throttle all the time.

Moving on, we take a look at Tier 2 with the final 5500th position going to lrcp with 69,337 Event Points. This was a cutoff that I was examining closely as I was trying to minimize my Love Gem expenditure whilst trying to qualify for Tier 2 still. Fortunately, the cutoffs went down from the initial estimates of 79,000 to the final and more manageable estimate of 69,000 points. Honestly, I am really surprised to see how close the final cutoffs fall compared to the estimated cutoffs. The algorithms are indeed getting better and better as more events are played.

Score Match Points have also been a matter of contention within the SIF EN community but, it looks like it is feature that is here to stay. While I cannot specifically comment with empirical proof about any balance changes, it certainly feels as if the competition is more event this time around. It just remains to be seen how things will pan out in the following Score Matches to come in the future.

Qualify for Tier 2 and your Present Box would look a little something like this. One Green Scouting Ticket, one extra copy of N Christina and SR Umi. Because they are Event Rewards, there is no expiration on each of these rewards.

Here is a closer look at the Event's N member, Christina.

And here she is in idolized form.

Without further ado, we now shift our attention towards the star of the event, Umi-chan. Prepare the Special Practice blender while being mindful to place the higher ranked member in the upper slot. When you are ready, hit that Special Practice button and let the magic of idolization begin!

Gone are the bubbles in favor of balloons!

At Level 80, Umi has 4,740 Smile Points making her the 8th best Event Smile SR and 26th best Smile SR. Not too shabby for an Event SR especially when you consider that Umi's core attribute is Cool. Aside from her Smile Points, Umi also gains an additional Skill Slot and 500 maximum Bond Points. No changes to her Skill "Bubbles Everywhere" as that would require Normal Practice with an identical member. 

A closer look at Umi's idolized outfit. It is not hard to see why this is one of the more popular Umi designs as both her outfit and pose really suit her character very well!

Not forgetting her Skill Slots, having three open Skill Slots now allows for use of a greater variety of Skills. Because of her high Smile Points, I would recommend Smile Cross [2nd] as it provides a good amount of point boost for your Smile roster.

After all that is said and done, we now get a week long break before the next event which is slated to started on the 22nd of May. No word on what the next event will be but, judging from the past event, the next one is likely to be an Aqours themed event. Rest assured when the next event goes live, Tiro Finale will be there to cover it as it progresses from the start till the end. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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