Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II: Preview and Unboxing

Hi, everyone ^^ This week I will be taking a look Shigure Kai-II as the second Nendoroid to be covered on Tiro Finale this week. Today, I will be going through a brief unboxing and preview of this little gem.
As you can see here, Nendoroid no.632 here comes with a box sleeve as a preorder (my first actually) bonus from Goodsmile Online Shop itself. While in all honesty the box art itself doesn't particularly amaze me, its still well made and a nice complement to this other box.
Putting aside the box sleeve we get to see the package itself in earnest. Nothing particularly fancy here, its the now standard Nendoroid box design from GoodSmile with its slick, clean design and high-quality box prints.

If the preview pictures on the box are anything to go by, there is certainly going to be no shortage of additional parts and configurations to play around with. But that's for later this week, on to the unboxing!
Pull off a small piece of tape at the top and the lid is free to flip right open, Consider using a knife for this and the other tapes inside to avoid damaging the print/box.
Empty out the contents from the box and we can see Nendoroid Shigure herself sandwiched neatly between not one, but TWO pairs of layered blisters! (also: random Mami cameo, ah well)
Pulling the two layers apart reveal a surprising amount of content. ranging from Shigure herself, her iconic guncannons and turrets complete with complementary special effects parts, the standard 3 sets of faceplates, 2 stands, a food-related set as per Kancolle Nendoroid tradition, and this time even a full beach set!
With this much content, its no surprise that Nendoroid Shigure Kai-II comes in as one of the pricier Nendoroids at 4,815yen before shipping, but even then I'd be hard pressed to argue against the sheer value of this set, especially for people who like like to tinker around with their figures often.
Isn't she just lovely <3
Well then, that'll be it for today's preview, look forward to the full review later this Sunday and thanks for reading ^^


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