Ichiban Kuji Madogatari II C Prize - Tomoe Mami & Hanekawa Tsubasa Mini Art

Filling in for Takuya on Tiro Finale's regular Monogatari Thursdays, today we will be taking a look at one of the few Monogatari related merchandise that I have. Of course, it comes with a Madoka Magica twist as well in the form of the very popular Madogatari collaboration. As the box for the splash image pretty much gives it away, this is the C Prize from a Madogatari Ichiban Kuji lottery. More specifically, Ichiban Kuji V Premium ~Shaft 40th Anniversary~ Madogatari II. Yes, the name is indeed quite a handful.

Pop open the box and you are immediately greeted with the "Mini Picture Art" neatly wrapped and secured in bubble wrap. There is only a single layer of bubble wrap but, it is more than sufficient to prevent any damage from occurring. Not to mention, the cardboard box itself is pretty thick which is another layer of protection to the whole product. 

Remove the bubble wrap and there is an one final layer of clear plastic before you reach the frame itself. The plastic wrap is very translucent giving you a clear idea of what to expect within it.

Packed together in the plastic wrap are two additional packages. The first is a pack of silica gel which serves to keep the frame dry by absorbing any moisture or humidity in the air.

The second pack contains a black string which will be used to hang up the frame. Feat not, the construction for this is fairly simple and you need not worry about messing it up. In the event that you do, this is simply generic string that can be replaced rather easily.

The Mini Picture Art itself has a wooden frame with a cardboard back secured by eight metal fasteners. This is the same concept used in most framed pictures and if you are familiar with that, you would be right at home here. 

Two fasteners at each corner together with two fixed black loops at the upper corner of the frame. These fixed black loops are used to fasten the string that is used to hang up the frame. So far, still pretty rudimentary stuff. 

Another two fasteners at the lower corners to keep everything carefully secured. Note the plastic wrapping at each corner. These are here to prevent any unwanted scratches at the sharp corners of the frame. 

A rather ingenious solution to prevent any damage towards the frame. Moreover, it is not visible from the front. Hence, removing it is not necessary. 

Finally we arrive at the Mini Picture Art itself. A wooden frame with clear plastic window is all there is which surrounds the Madogatari art. Size wise, the frame is a square frame measuring 23 cm on both sides. 

A closer look at Hanekawa's art;

And Mami's art.

While I would have preferred a full color art for both of the characters, the overall look is still very pleasing. The only major setback to these art pieces would be their cost with just the C Prize alone fetching north of 1,500 Yen. Moreover, stocks are beginning to run low too as the Kuji period has long since ended. If you are planning to get your hands on one of these, regardless of design, I would advise you to be quick! 

The Madogatari collaboration has always produced unique merchandise and this Mini Art is no exception. One can only wonder what they will release next. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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