Chibi Kyun Chara Tomoe Mami Preview & Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome to another figure feature on Tiro Finale! This week, we will be taking a look at Banpresto's Chibi Kyun Chara Tomoe Mami. Released back in 2012 as part of a Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji lottery, this little deformed scale figure is a rather unique one indeed. In fact, it is the only Chibi Kyun Chara series of Madoka Magica figures which make these line of figures quite special on their own right. At a glance, you would not be able to discern that though, as the box is exactly identical to the traditional Kyun Chara format. With a large clear plastic blister and a hard paper back to seal it off. 

Flip the packaging over to the back and you will get a rather elaborate set of instruments, notices and warnings. Aside from the instructions which fill up the top-third of the back, the rest are mostly legal requirements that we see in all figures. Nothing particularly important unless you are keen on getting more information about the company which produces them, Banpresto. 

This particular Kyun Chara figure comes with a diorama of sorts. This diorama setup features a base and background that can be easily disassembled and reassembled. More explanation of the mechanism in the coming pictures. 

The official designation of this particular figures is quite a mouthful, Tomoe Mami Chibi Kyun Chara & Stage Set C Prize. As you would have gathered, the Stage Set refers to the included diorama. But, what about the Chibi Kyun Chara designation? Are Kyun Chara figures not Chibi-figures to begin with?

The term, chibi, itself is referred to something which has been shortened or made smaller. Often, in the figure world, we consider this to be a deformed scale figure as seen in the very popular Nendoroid and Kyun Chara series. By that extension, Chibi Kyun Chara is just an even smaller and more diminutive version of Kyun Chara figures. I will go into more detail about the series itself in the full review but, for now, this brief explanation will have to work.

Once you have opened up the package, the first things which greets you is the base and the its intricate mechanisms that lie beneath it. These mechanisms look complicated but, are actually very simple and serve to do two things. 

The first, is to mount the background onto the base securely. Because there are locking mechanism on all four sides of the base, users can choose which ever side they prefer. The second, is to help interlock similar bases together. Because there are other Madoka Magica characters with a similar layout (from the same Ichiban Kuji), the locking mechanism allows for these otherwise square bases to connect to one another. 

Remove the Stage Set and we move to the real highlight of the show, Mami and a little guest, Charlotte. The pictures alone should give you a scale of just how small she is! Because the figure was released back in 2012, the Candy Witch was still then known as Charlotte as she had yet to adopt her Bebe persona yet.

Aside from the plastic molds, there is also a layer of clear plastic wrapped around each character to prevent any unwanted paint transfer. Note the white paper used to fix the four legs of Charlotte's chair to keep them in place. One would remove them when unwrapping the figure with the paper stays functioning as additional protection of sorts for the thin chair legs. In my opinion, this was probably unnecessary yet, the attention to detail really impressed me. 

Just like a scale figure, the gap between Mami's legs and skirt also has a plastic layer in between. This is to prevent any unwanted paint transfers and is often one of the telltale signs of a brand new figure rather than a used one. That being said, not all figures feature them.

Finally, we have a little sneak preview of the pair in action. The full review will be up mid-week as I prepare to go through this little figure in great detail. Initial impressions are certainly very impressive but, we will have to wait for the full review for my complete impressions on Tiro Finale's very first Chibi Kyun Chara. Until then, thank you very much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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