SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 26 Conclusion

After eleven days of competition, Round 26 of Score Match on SIF's WW server has finally come to a close. With it, the end of the event also marks the start of the summer season celebration on SIF with several new challenges added. We will discuss more about these challenges later in the breakdown but, for now, let us start by taking a look at the rankings followed by the event members. 

Starting with the Top 5 spots, we have ShinyOtaku and Pierrot who take the joint first place with 1,111,111 event points. Joint third place goes to Yohane and Vanille with 850,000 event points while, fifth place goes to long-time player and highest ranking member on WW server, Kintolesky, with 832,813 event points. Looks like everybody put it a lot of hard work for this event. 

Next, we have Tier 1 which now accounts for the first 1200 position after the tier expansion. The final 1200th spot goes to Liz with 132,888 event points. The cutoff for Tier 1 may not be so impressive this time around especially since the event is a Score Match but, take a closer look at Liz's rank and you will notice just how impressive of a feat it is. At Rank 96, Liz managed to qualify for Tier 1. Just imagine the number of Love Gems one has to spend at that rank in order to qualify for Tier 1!

We then move on to Tier 2, a little more manageable and certainly up my alley in terms of competitiveness. This tier cuts off at the top 6100 positions with the final spot going to (yes, I know) Jesus with 78,244 event points. The cutoff was predicted to be in the vicinity of 77,000-79,000 since the beginning of the event and I am glad it did not fall outside of the prediction range. 

Here are the rewards you will receive for qualifying for Tier 2. Cutting it a little close for me this time as I tried to minimize the amount of Love Gems I had to use to qualify for Tier 2. Glad it did not come back to bite me but, I will have to be more careful in the future too!

Here is a closer look of the event's N member, Shinomiya Akiru, in idolized form.

Now, we shift our attention to the star of the show, SR New Year's Food Tsushima Yoshiko. She is a Smile Attribute member with 3,710 Smile Points from the get go. Her skill, Three Steps, is a Perfect Lock skill with a fairly high rate and chance of activating with the only drawback being the relatively narrow timing window when activated. 

At Level 60, Yoshiko's Smile Points rises to 4,540 points. Not too shabby but, it is when we idolize her where we will be able to realize her full potential!

Here is a closer look at the un-idolized version of Yoshiko, dressed in a winter's coat and holding onto a box of New Year's Food (osechi). 

In order to realize Yoshiko's full potential, we will have to make use of the Special Practice blender! Make sure to place the higher leveled member in the upper slot so as to not lose your progress. When you are ready, just hit the Special Practice button and let the magic begin.

The fallen angel has descended, now in a black and gold kimono with purple accents!

Idolized and at level 80, Yoshiko is very impressive. Sporting 4,820 Smile Points, she is the outright strongest Event Smile SR. Add to that the fact that she has a rather impressive Perfect Lock skill and you have the perfect member for your Smile Team. Idolization also unlock an additional Skill Slot and raises her maximum Bond Points to 500.

Here is a closer look at idolized Yoshiko. She too sports the little duck that Mari is posing with. Despite the slightly gaudy feathers, I really like the color combination going on with the gold and purple bits adding a strong bit of contrast to the entire kimono-themed outfit. It really matches Yoshiko and her fallen angle persona!

Lastly, the summer season has now started on SIF and with it a new set of challenges/goals to complete. There is a 15 day time limit on them and they all appear to be fairly manageable. Successfully complete them and you will be looking at a great deal of free Love Gems with the final challenge (75 Full Combos) even granting a Blue Scouting Ticket! Well then, that is all for today. Stay tuned for the next event which will also be covered here on Tiro Finale. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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