Early July Haul

Hello everyone and welcome to another figure haul on Tiro Finale! Today, we are going to do something rather special as both Takuya and I have received a joint shipment from Japan! While this is not the first time we have done a joint shipment together, it is definitely the first we have decided to document seeing as to how the content of the shipment was rather special. In conjunction with HLJ's recent Anniversary Sale, Takuya took advantage of the good discounts to get a figure that had been on the wishlist for quite a while. Me? I just decided to piggy-back onto Takuya's shipment to get a lovely and, surprisingly, rare prize figure.

With the sales offering some rather good (and surprising) discounts, we decided to take advantage of the situation to get our hands on some brand new figures and ship them straight to us via EMS. Unfortunately, the shipment did take longer then our usual vendors (GSC Online Shop, Mandarake & AmiAmi). Fortunately, the package did arrive safe and sound at my doorstep. As we prepare to unbox the hidden gems within, I will let Takuya walk you through the rest of the process of unboxing and one half of the shipment.

Note: My (snwlprd) font will be in orange while Takuya's will be in blue.

Thank you for the introduction! Since this is a joint shipment, I'm going to keep my needless rambling and context fetish off the plate for now. I'll hold off until the actual review of my figurine so let's just keep things quite objective shall we? The keyword here being quite.

Upon opening the cardboard box, you can see that the figures were packed quite snugly next to each other with plenty of air padding between them. This shouldn't come as a surprise as most companies that handle products of this calibre are usually pretty careful with their packaging and delivery. Suffice to say, it was a relief knowing that our figurines were well taken care of during shipment.

In the image above, you can see the figurine I ordered! Good Smile's very own Nakiri Erina! A 1/8th figure of the tsundere queen. You can't say you didn't see this coming.

After removing the first layer of padding, I came upon a thin lining of wrapping paper that doesn't seem to provide any sort of additional protection for the box. However, one can only assume that for such a regal presence as that of Her Grace, even the most miniscule of dust particles shan't lay themselves upon her coffer.

As you can probably ascertain with your own eyes, Erina's box is massive compared to Anne's. After removing all the packaging in between, it became quite obvious that the box could have been filled with a lot more figurines than just the two.

When the sale hit, it was clear that I should get Erina since her price dropped by about 20% to just slightly above 9000 yen. I didn't really want anything else either so the steal was worth it even when it came to the shipment. Thankfully for me, snwlprd expressed a desire to have a joint shipment with me though admittedly, the save was not by much. I mean, as I said, look at the size difference.

Looking at just one side of the box, you can already see the kingly (or rather, queenly) design of the product. From the red and gold colour palette to the blend of twists and flicks for the frame design, you could tell that the company knew how to market their tsundere queen to fellow closeted masochists. Unpacking her out of the shipment box was satisfying to say the least but actually holding her and photographing her really hits the home run for me.

As you might have noticed earlier in the unboxing, my share of the haul is a considerably smaller (and cheaper) prize figure in the form of FuRyu's very own Hanakoizumi Anne. Despite being such, I consider her to be no less of a figure especially considering her awesome designation, "Happiness Premium Figure". I do not know about you but, I have never received any figure with the designation of "Happiness" on it which, oddly, makes me very happy indeed.

For those of you who are confused, Anne is one of the five main characters of the Anne Happy series; a mindless comedy about five high school girls with incredibly bad luck. Anne in particular seems to have the worst luck yet maintains the most optimism which is incredibly infectious especially when you watch the anime. Having enjoyed the anime a great deal - probably more than I should have- I decided to show a little support for the series by getting this lovely Anne prize figure. Total cost? 900 Yen!

Overall, I honestly can say that this unboxing has been one of the best I've experienced so far. It was satisfying from the cutting of the tape all the way up to the photography of the entire package. Truly, it was a haul worthy of a queen and her court jester.

With that, we have come to the end of our Early June Haul and the first time we have ever purchased from Hobby Link Japan. My initial plan was to hold off from getting any new figures in the month July but, the temptation of Anne's happiness was too much for me to hold off. Rest assured, she will be getting a review very soon. How soon? This week, in fact. Stay tuned for that together with all our daily content updates on Tiro Finale. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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