Kyun Chara Vignette Tomoe Mami 360 View

Preview & Unboxing


With the figure review complete, it is time to close up the series on Banpresto's Kyun Chara Vignette Tomoe Mami with an all-around 360 look. If you have yet to read the preview and review (as linked above), I would highly recommend you do before proceeding with this article. If you already have, feel free to proceed with the animated version above and each individual high resolution shot below.

For this 360 View segment, we have removed the Charlotte Vignette components and the stand which holds Mami up. As you can see, Mami is perfectly capable of standing on her own two feet despite being notably top heavy. All in all, this makes it the fourth Kyun Chara Mami figure I have ever reviewed. Together with the several other Kyun Chara figures from other series that I have had the chance to review, my impression of the series still remains to be very positive. Next week, we will be taking a break from Madoka Magica to Super Sonico as we take a look at a familiar Sonico figure. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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