SIF Coverage - SR New Year's Food Mari

Nearing the end of the event, it is high time we took a look at the first Event SR of Score Match Round 26, SR New Year's Food Mari. Today, we will be taking a look at both the un-idolized and idolized version of Mari which explains why this update took such a long time as I first had to unlock both copies of Mari.

The first copy of Mari is unlocked upon obtaining 25,000 event points, not too difficult. Meanwhile, the second copy is unlocked by gaining 60,000 event point, something significantly more difficult especially if your goal is only to qualify for Tier 2. The third copy is unlocked at 100,000 event points but, I do not think I will be aiming for that in this event. 

At Level 1, Mari is sporting a Cool Attribute with a Score Up skill. The card itself is fairly uncomplicated with Mari holding onto a box of traditional Japanese New Year's food or osechi. These elaborate boxes are often filled with equally elaborate dishes and Mari's is no exception.

At Level 60, Mari's Cool Points rises to 4,480 points which is not too shabby for an un-idolized member. Every other stat and attribute remains the same with changes only coming into effect upon idolization. 

And in order to complete the idolization process, we will need to employ the usage of the Special Practice blender! Make sure to place the higher leveled member on the upper slot so as to not lose any progress. 

Hit the Special Practice button and Mari transforms into an entirely different outfit. Now, she sports a kimono-styled school idol outfit and seems to be holding on to a little white dove. The patterns on her kimono are certainly very intricate and the purple color does match her appearance rather well. 

At Level 80, Mari's Cool Points rises to 4,760 making her the 7th strongest Event Cool SR. On top of that, she also gains a single skill slot and her maximum bond points now rises to 500 further expanding her potential. 

In terms of skills, the three open slots allow for the use of either a team boosting Cool Aura or;

The individual boosting Cool Cross [3rd]. If Mari is your weakest member of your 9 in your Cool team, I would recommend Cool Aura. Otherwise, Cool Cross will work just fine. 

Finally, here we have a closer look at SR Mari and her little white dove. Quite the interesting design indeed. Next time, we will be taking a look at the conclusion of the event together with SR New Year's Food Yoshiko. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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