The Tokyo Shopping List

In just a few short days, I will be making my annual visit to Tokyo in conjunction with this year's Wonder Festival (Summer) 2017. While I am really looking forward to that event showcasing all the new and upcoming figures, I am equally excited at the prospect of getting several new figures and merchandise to the collection. Most notably, things that I am unable to get my hands on from overseas or without significant costs involved in doing so. Always one to value planning beforehand, here is a taste of what my little shopping list looks like.

Starting with the bread and butter of Tiro Finale, we have new Madoka Magica merchandise. in the form of the Twinkle Dolly candy-toy series. Released back in August, these mini-figures come included with a sweet and can often be found in supermarkets and toy shops. Often targeting children with a combination of candy and toys, the Twinkle Dolly series is one catered towards a more mature audience. With a retail price of 800 Yen, this is probably one of the most expensive single piece of candy one would purchase and that is largely because of the included mini-figure. Both Bebe and Mami are on the top of the list so, the usual visit to a local Aeon is a must!

Another April release, this time we have the two new Mami prize figures by Banpresto. The new "Relax Time" SQ Figures have been out for a fair bit of time now and can be found on the re-sellers market at a very good price. Mami, just like the others, comes in two variants; one with her eyes open and another shut.  Thus far, I have managed to source both variants new and unopened for 2,000 Yen. There is absolutely no doubt when it comes to adding these new figures to my collection.

Following that, we have even more Madoka Magica merchandise to hunt for. This time, from Lawson's recently engaged Flower Fairy Madoka Magica Campaign. No figures or plush toys here but, the inclusion of unique designs on rubber straps, clear files and illustration boards is more than enough to convince me to spend my money on this campaign.

From one campaign to another, we now move onto a Madoka Magica campaign that has long ended. The Madoka Magica campaign ran for a short while back in 2014 including merchandise such as T-shirts, bags and stickers in collaboration with the Parco departmental store. Admittedly one of the more obscure corners of collection, the merchandise do not often go for much at the re-seller's market. The only trouble is, finding them. In this case, I have managed to source both Mami's T-Shirt and the event's black bag for 2,000 Yen. Now, let us just hope that I can get it on time.

Ever since I got Nozomi as the first Nesoberi in my collection, I have become all sorts of crazy about the Nesoberi plush toys. One of them in particular, is Nozomi's soulmate, Ayase Eli. But not just in any ordinary outfit or size. It had to be the 40cm Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Ayase Eli in collaboration with School Idol Festival, the same exact counterpart to my pajamas Nozomi Nesoberi. Understandably, the pajamas series are extremely sought after and any attempts to find one is often greeted with disappointment or an unreasonably steep price point. As such, I will be on my quest to hunt down Eli in Tokyo and reunite Eli with her one true love, Nozomi. 

Sega's Akiba Arcade
Just earlier, I mentioned having gone a little Nesoberi crazy and it does not stop with just Eli-chi. Being a big fan of the Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil) series, I was extremely stoked when I found out Sega would be incorporating this little devil into their Nesoberi lineup. Moreover, it is not just a small one (which Tanya already has 3 variants of) but, the full works, Mega Jumbo Nesoberi! Launched in arcades all over Japan on the 14 of July, I now have my chance to get my hands on a brand new Nesoberi fresh of its release. Have you noticed that Tanya is one of the few Nesoberi plush with proper eyes and a frowning expression?

Now, we shift towards the realm of uncertainty where I begin to question whether or not it would be wise to spend on these items. The first, is a figure that I have had my eye on for quite a while now. Fellow writers and friends have often been met with confusion when I mention wanting the Max Factory 1/6 Galko-chan figure. If you follow Tiro Finale closely, you would see why too. Nevertheless, I always find myself gravitating towards the figure even getting the Nendoroid before I had even watched the anime or read the manga. Even now, I still very much want this Galko-chan figure and knowing that Mandarake Nakano has her for 10,000 Yen just makes me want her even more. The seeds of hesitation has certainly been planted by those around me yet, I still lean towards the irrational decision of getting her.

Next, we move onto something which appears to be less of an irrational decision, the 1/8 Birthday Figure Project Nozomi. Donning their outfit from Kira Kira Sensation, this is one of the definitive Nozomi scale figures to get aside from the epic Alter one. Having seen one in the flesh, I can attest for its quality and have only wanted one all the more so ever since. Prices have gone up and down since her release with availability gradually dwindling as the original Love Live has made way for Sunshine. Fortunately, I have been able to source Nozomi including the bonus clear file for just 8,000 Yen. While the price does not trouble me too much, the fact that I will probably be tempted to get the remaining 8 especially Eli haunts me.

With that, I would like to end this shopping list of mine with two non-otaku related electronic gadgets that I have been meaning to get for a while. Audio Technica's ATH-M50x headphones and their AT2020USB+ microphone. For those who do not know, tech actually plays a big part of my life outside of my Tiro Finale life and I have been meaning to level up my audio game for a while now. The funny thing is, the cost of these two peripherals adds up to be more than everything I have listed on this shopping list. Things can be rather daunting once you put them into perspective right? Until then next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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