SIF Coverage - Suki Suki Puwa Puwa Conclusion

Ten days came and went as SIF's Token Event, Suki Suki Puwa, has finally come to an end. The event was certainly an interesting one bringing with it a new rewards system. Players no longer needed to qualify for Tier 2 to idolize the Event SR which brought markedly reduced competition throughout the event. I am curious as to how this would affect future events especially Double-SR Events. But, for now, let us focus on Hanayo's Suki Suki Puwa Puwa event!

Starting with the Top 5 positions, we have the top spot going to #1=#2=#3 with 3,874,874 Event Points. The remainder in the Top 3 positions scored well above two million event points with fourth and fifth position scoring above 1.5 million event points. The sheer amount of effort these players put into getting the top spots never ceases to impress me. 

Then, we move onto Tier 1 which rewards 3 Event SRs this time around. The final 1200th position goes to Left&Right with 71,590 Event Points. As I have mentioned earlier, competition for this event was markedly reduced as we can see in the final cutoff sitting at just over 70,000 Event Points.

Tier 2 sees some equally low cutoffs too with the final 6100th position cutting off at 27,329 Event Points. This final spot goes to Konpeito. 

Successfully qualify for Tier 2 and these are the rewards you can expect to receive.

Here is a closer look at the Event's N Member, Miyashita Coco, in her idolized form. 

Earlier in the event, we already went through the details of SR Scholar Hanayo in her un-idolized form. Now, it is time to leverage Special Practice to make the most out of this Event SR. As usual, make sure to place the higher leveled copy on top to make sure you do not waste all your effort in increasing her levels. 

Hit that Special Practice button and what you get is a brand new Hanayo. Now dressed in what appears to be a Graduation Robe-type outfit complete with a mortar board and a hard cover dissertation.

Having another additional copy, I opted to carry out Special Practice once more which unlocked a fourth Skill Slot. 

At Level 80, Hanayo's Pure Points jumps up to 4,750 points making her the 7th strongest Event Pure SR and 25th best Pure SR. Other changes from idolization include, additional Skill Slots and maximum Bond Points now sitting at 500 points. 

The four available Skill Slots are especially useful for using four slot skills like Pure Veil. This may seem counter-productive at first but, the 2.4% boost to the entire team is actually more powerful than a 16% individual boost. As such, I think it is always useful to have a member of the team be equipped with this skill. 

Design wise, I can certainly see why Scholar Hanayo is such a big hit amongst Hanayo fans. The scholar outfit with the gold and green highlights do their absolute best to bring out the best in Hanayo's expression especially since green is her image color. Moreover, the gold tones also match her brown hair very well. Very fitting of the studious Hanayo-chan!

With that, we have to the end of yet another SIF Event. The next event is predicted to start on the 26th of July which gives us exactly one week's worth of rest. In the meantime, stay tuned for more SIF Coverage on Tiro Finale together with our daily content updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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