FuRyu Hanakoizumi Anne Preview & Unboxing

Hello everyone and welcome to another figure feature on Tiro Finale! Just yesterday, we revealed the two new figures to the Tiro Finale roster in our Early June Haul and, today, we are going to jump straight into an in-depth look at one of them. I was really excited for this Anne figure by FuRyu when I first found out about it and being the only figure of its series in my collection, I decided to strike while the iron is hot and produce a full figure coverage on it. As you can see, the front of the box is like we previewed in the haul post and features Anne front and center. 

No windows to be seen here throughout the box as all sides are soft cardboard that FuRyu normally employs for its prize figures. Notice the cutouts at the side of the box? That is one of the clear giveaways that the figure is indeed a prize figure. Those cutouts are intended to be punched through to allow the claws of the arcade machine to reach. Although, most shops do not do that anymore these days, preferring not to damage the box in any way or form.

The opposing side of the box is exactly identical sharing the same "Happiness Presimum Figure - Hanako -" designation with the recurring four leaf clover pattern. The clover pattern itself is a nod to the series' logo, a four leaf clover with each petal in a different color and the name of the series written on each petal. This is certainly the first figure I have ever received, prize figure or not, with the designation "Happiness Premium Figure". One cannot help but smile when reading that cute designation. Meanwhile "Hanako" is Anne's nickname which is basically a shortening of her surname.

The back of the box is your standard issue FuRyu affair with all the legal notifications, warnings and copyrights written on the back. FuRyu prefers to place it on the back rather than at the bottom of the box like other manufacturers. Do not worry, there is nothing important to know besides the obvious.

Flipping over the box to its top side and it is time to open up. Carefully run a blade through the tape which secures the three sides of the flap and you will have relatively easy access to the box. Do practice caution though, as the box itself is rather thin and you risk cutting it if you are not careful. 

Open up the box and you will see the contents of the box carefully protected by much thicker cardboard on all surrounding sides. Within it, another layer of bubble wrap is visible. 

This method of packaging prize  figures, thick cardboard outer and bubble wrap inner, is quickly becoming the norm in the industry and I am glad that it is. This method offers much more protection against all sorts of knocks, bumps and falls while ensuring the safety of the figure within.

Wrapped inside the cardboard are two packages, Anne and her base. Anne receives an additional layer of bubble wrap as mentioned earlier. While, the black round base receives a simple clear plastic wrapping. 

Remove the bubble wrap and Anne is wrapped in another layer of clear plastic wrapping. This additional layer does little in the way of providing any form of protection but, it does help prevent paint transfer especially since the surface of bubble wrap is not as smooth as these sort of plastics. A small touch but, one that is certainly appreciated.

Remove all the plastic wrappings, mount her on the base and you have your very own prize figure Anne! Compared to the promotional photo on the box, I am happy to report that Anne looks exactly the same. While a start, the figure makes no intentions of hiding that it is in fact a prize figure and nothing more. What exactly do I mean by that? Stay tuned to our full review of the figure coming tomorrow as I explain all of that and more in further detail. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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