SIF Coverage - SR Scholar Hanayo

Now halfway through Hanayo's Token Event, I will have to admit that I have not been the most diligent players this past event. In fact, the total sum of Event Points that I have currently accumulated mainly come from two days worth of playtime. Disappointing, I know. Yet, I have intentions to work more consistently over the remainder of the event.  

Thus far, things have been moving along at a rather leisurely pace. Tier 1 is predicted to cutoff at around ~73,000-75,000 event points. Meanwhile, Tier 2 is predicted to cutoff around ~30,000-31,000 event points. For the most part, things are certainly manageable as far as events go and when you successfully accrue 11,000 event points, make sure to go looking for your SR Scholar Hanayo. She will either be in your Members List or Present Box.

As we can see, SR Scholar Hanayo is a simple Pure Event SR who comes with a Score Up skill that has a high percentage of triggering. Otherwise, she comes with 3,640 Pure Points right out of the box.
With a level cap of 60 for the un-idolized version, Hanayo's Pure Points are able to rise up to 4,470 points. Everything else, such her maximum Bond Points and Skill Slots remain the same. To unlock her full potential, idolization is necessary. As for whether you should pursue that, is a rather difficult questions/decision. 
While she may not stand out much in terms of Pure Points or have an outstanding skill, her overall stats are not actually too shabby especially when idolized. But, one undeniable fact is that, whether in idolized or un-idolized form, she looks incredibly cute. The un-idolized version is sporting a fluffy wool sweater over a grey dress which really fits Hanayo's style and looks. 

Ultimately, the decision of whether of not to idolize Hanayo lies entirely in you. If you do plan on idolizing her, take heart knowing that this will be one of the easier events to tier for. At the same time, there is also a Printemps Limited Scouting currently going on which will definitely be one for all the Hanayo fans out there.

Next time, we will be taking a look at the conclusion of the event together with the idolized Scholar Hanayo. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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