Taito Hamakaze Kyuujitsu Version Preview & Unboxing

Full disclosure: I actually got this figurine about 2 months ago but due to issues with acquiring good quality photos, I can only write the post now. In all honesty, I have a HUGE backlog of figurine unboxings and reviews to do. I might tackle them all one day but we'll take it one step at a time. For now, the unboxing of a prize figurine of Hamakaze from Kancolle!

*For normalcy sake, I will leave the specification detailing to the actual review*

The opening image above shows the front cover of the box. That's probably going to be the first thing you see but I wouldn't say it's the best view for the best girl. At least it doesn't feel as 'off' as the back view shown below. Then again, this is a prize figure we're talking about so she's most definitely in a different calibre altogether compared to my usual figurines.

Back view
Side view

Side view
I prefer the concept art as shown above based off the Fall 2015 Kancolle Event. The art does not suffer from any sort of factory-related mishaps regarding her facial structure or lighting issues. Mostly lighting issues. I can assure you that the actual figure looks decent enough for the price she was fetching (I got her at Mandarake Sahra for about 1200 yen). Not as cute as the anime but cute enough.

Bottom view

Top view
From the photos above you will also notice that this is her 'day off' version. Essentially meaning her festival version. I do also have her normal uniformed version but I think having her dressed in something a little more traditional does deliver a bigger impact.

She comes protected (somewhat)
When you pop open the top, you can just slide her right out bound in bubble wrap with an extra dose of cardboard. Not to worry though as they were rather easy to remove and it's just a matter of popping her onto her base.

Alas, she is free!
As you can see, she definitely looks better in the flesh than she does on the box. I will be providing a more detailed review of her in a couple of days!


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