Christmas Gifts at Tiro Finale!

Christmas, the season of joy and merry making. The one time of the year where we gift presents to our closest friends and family members as we share the joy and towards the end of a hard-worked year. Over here at Tiro Finale, we are not too different. We all enjoy our work and bringing new content to you, our readers, but we love too kick it back and relax every now and then. With the year coming to a close, I am happy to say that Tiro Finale has achieved a great deal in its second year of operation. Not forgetting all the great new writers and team members that we now have, it is that time of the year where we show our appreciation with some gifts!
The first gift goes to one of our newest writers and resident anime and film reviewer, Corspey. While new to Tiro Finale, Corpsey has been providing invaluable advice and ideas to the team in the background for a while now. You may or may not know that Corpsey is a big fan of the Nichijou series and it was upon chance that I managed to stumble upon these really rare Nichijou mini-figures. Hopefully with this little incentive, we will get to see more of Corpsey's work in the coming year!

The second gift goes to a shadow member of the Tiro Finale team. While he does not have an actual handle, you and I can just know him is OG. What does OG do? Aside from consultation, he provides many of the figures that I review out of my usual repertoire such as, Kancolle and the other Madoka Magica girls. Having a collection many times mine, I never miss the opportunity to review OG's figures whenever I pay a visit to him. Hopefully, this Sakura Miku plush will serve as a continuous peace treaty in our cooperative relationship! Maybe next year I will finally get the time to review his Huke Saber!
The third gift goes to another one of our writers, Takuya. With a big love of KonoSuba, One Piece and Attack on Titan, getting gifts for Takuya is never difficult. Instead of getting a figure though, I decided instead to go with a One Piece jigsaw puzzle. Sanji may be Takuya's favorite character but, unfortunately, I could not find it leaving only Traflagar Law. Fortunately, Takuya does not seem to mind one bit. It goes without saying, we can expect more quality content from Takuya to come coupled with an entry into original content!
Last but, not least, we have a blind box miniature tank for our resident writer and walking encyclopedia, Lance. You may know Lance's work on Tiro Finale namely his succinct articles covering a wide range of genres and media from games to anime and film to manga. With dissections and recommendations, Lance's articles are often lengthy but, well researched and worth the read. Now, I can only hope the tank I picked from the blind box is not an M3 Lee. 

Now, all that is left is to hand out the gifts and usher in the new year. 2017 will be an extremely busy year for me but, with our dedicated team of writers, I am certain Tiro Finale will be able to consistently bring high quality content for you! With that, thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great year ahead!



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