Disney's Moana (Spoiler free thoughts)

Just yesterday, I was dragged along by the family to watch Disney Animation Studio's 56th animated feature film, Moana. Having not been exposed to any its marketing material, I went in blind without prior expectations. Having watched it though, I can safely say you have my full recommendations to watch it in theaters if you wish to read no furthur, and this year has been phenomenal for the studio with the fantastic Zootopia earlier this year and now another classic in Moana.

Without giving away too much, the film is about a young islander girl named Moana that journeys onto the high seas in order to save her people. Joined by legendary demigod Maui, the pair travel together as they help and inspire each other to reflect and grow. Amongst all of the animated films created by Disney and its associate studios in the last decade, Moana is perhaps the one that most resembles the now classic Disney 90's style of storytelling. It plays plenty homage to the old formula but adds in some very welcome twists, and is not above poking fun at itself every now and then.

As may well be expected at this point, the studio nonetheless impresses when it comes to the production of its fine visuals. While not as wildly imaginative or complex visually compared to Zootopia or Wreck it Ralph, Moana excels at using its own lively and colorful visual style to deliver a masterclass in gorgeous eye-candy and tight visual storytelling. Couple with one of my favorite film scores in recent years done by Lin-Manuel MirandaOpetaia Foa'i and Mark Mancina which plays plenty homage to Polynesian culture, Moana is a lavishly produced feature film that will entice your senses as the story warms your heart, and is a film I'd saywould be best viewed at the cinema for best effect.

Moana is a gorgeous film with a solid plot, great characters, and strong emotional core that uplifts, engages and uplifts its audience, young and old alike. For my money, do yourself a favor and bring your loved ones to watch the film together, chances are almost everyone will enjoy it XD


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