SIF Coverage - Medley Festival Round 8 Conclusion

And just like that, Medley Festival Round 8 has finally come to an end after what has turned out to be surprisingly competitive event. The event started off slowly with a manageable pace but, towards the final two days of the event, the cutoffs started shooting up and up especially for Tier 1. A little late post-event, we will be going through the aftermath of these past 9 days as we take a look at the positions, rewards and finally, SR Setsubun Kotori.
Beginning with the rankings, we have two tied positions this event with joint 1st and 3rd places. The joint 1st places go to Vvvortic and Reverent scoring 1,333,333 points. While joint 3rd place goes to OtakuRebrn and Minalinsky at 1,091,200 points. No matter how you look at it, the points gathered by any of the Top 5 finishers were nothing short of insane.

Tier 1 was another competitive battle with the final 1100th position going to Fate with 107,257 points. Two days before the event ended, predictors had the cutoff estimated to slightly under 100,000 before suddenly shooting up overnight. Towards the end of the event, the cutoffs slowed down avoiding the 110,000 event points predicted to be the Tier 1 cutoff.
Meanwhile over at Tier 2, things were a lot more civilized with the final 5500th position going to Svennchuu with 53,316 points. Throughout the event, the cutoff for Tier 2 fell pretty much where the predictor estimated. But for Tier 2 to be roughly 2 times less than Tier 1 in terms of total points was rather surprising.
Qualify for Tier 2 and the following are the rewards you will receive. With my score, I was close to qualifying for Tier 1 but, not quite close enough. In fact, it was a miracle I even managed to get the score I did as much of my playtime was spent on the go. For the next event that I would like to aim for Tier 1, I would probably have to manage my time much better.
Moving on, we have the two new Event Members. The first being, Torii Ayumi, the N member for this event.
Here is a close up look at her idolized. Unfortunately, she does not share many much in common with the theme of the event, Setsubun.
Before we get onto Kotori, there is the matter of Special Practice. As usual, either an identical member of Stickers are allowed for Special Practice idolization. Although, we always recommend the use of an identical member to unlock an additional Skill Slot. Before committing to Special Practice, make sure you place the higher leveled version in the upper slot.
SR Setsubun Kotori, at your service!
At Level 80, Kotori's Cool Points rises significantly to 4,810 Cool Points making her the 3rd strongest Cool Event SR overall. Her points may not look too high now but, couple that together with 500 Max Bond points and boosters from Skills and you will have a very potent Perfect Lock Cool SR. I am fairly sure nobody would have too many complaints about that combination.

Speaking of Skills, for Kotori, I would recommend the use of Cool Cross [2nd] to help boost her Cool Points further. Cool Aura is a good alternative too although, I would reserve that for the weaker members in your team.
Finally, here is a closer look at SR Setsubun Kotori in her "Oni" costume. In contrast to the un-idolized version, I really like the design for the idolized version with the green and yellow matching Kotori perfectly. Deciding to go with a different "Oni" was also a good choice as I cannot really  see Kotori looking fetching with a club and horns.
Either way, the event has now fully come to a close and a new Aqours Honor Scouting released with UR Yoshiko now available. The next event is predicted to start on the 28th of December which is not too long from now. My advice? Get as much rest as you can in the next few days as the coming event is likely going to be a double-SR affair. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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