Nendoroid Aqua - Review (Sort of)

Time for my first attempt at 'reviewing' a Nendoroid. I believe my photos are very much amateurish with horrible lighting and focus and I might use some stock photos too but I hope you can bear with it! Firstly, some basic info:

Name: Nendoroid Aqua
Series: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Release Date: November 2016
Sculptor: Taketomo

Let's start with all the parts you get with Nendo Aqua.

Firstly, you get three interchangeable expressions for her, all of which play well into the dynamic of her character. From left to right, the first represents her standard, happy-go-lucky attitude in which everything to her is taken only at the surface level. She smiles all the time and speaks with a very nonchalant tone. Her second expression plays on her mischievous side, more related to her Godly tendencies of demanding worship. Her third expression is akin to the splash image at the start of this article. It's her sad expression. This is the expression she has when she cries, which she does, a lot.

Nextly, Aqua comes with a bunch of smaller limbs and accessories to change her image accordingly.

From left to right, starting with the top, we have a pair of blue fans with attachable water spouts. This is part of Aqua's infamous magic trick in which she sprouts two water fountains from the fans in her hands. Then we have a pair of shoulders, an open hand (for her staff), two lightly clenched fists with the arms, a pair of sleeves, a bent leg for when she needs that cutesy leg flip, two standard outreaching arms, a neck piece and her trademark staff.

Aqua can also be further deconstructed but I believe every other Nendo can do that too. There's also no point in doing that other than observing the individual pieces separately.

In the three comparison for her expressions, I purposely kept the same pose up for each to better showcase their effects. The painting on Aqua is meticulous and dare I say immaculate. Each expression gives off their respective vibes and by viewing each image, you can paint a different situation in your head.

The additional help comes from the extra parts you have. Maybe one day, you would want Aqua to lead the party on a quest and on another, you'd have Kazuma chasing her down for spending all his money. Sometimes, you'd want her to perform her magic tricks and others, she might just be teasing you for your worthless hikkomori lifestyle. Whichever it is, there is a part you can use!

Oh my gosh. The lighting, the background, the photoshop. I can't ever take photos like this!
Every part of Aqua's body has been given the deserved attention. And no, I'm not talking about the fact that she doesn't have pantsu. The colours of her wardrobe are vibrant and solid which pairs well with her hair shading (which by the way, is incredible). Her hair accessory is also bright and reflective. She does require a plastic brace to keep her propped upright but that is quite well concealed by her hair though figuring out how to properly place the brace was a challenge (to a first-timer like myself at least).

There is also a special gift with all orders from Goodsmile which is basically the KonoSuba logo doubling as the standard nendo plastic base. I don't have it but I've seen it and it looks like a pretty neat addition. It does, however, more heavily emphasise the fact that you DO have a base as opposed to drawing attention away from it. But I suppose with a base like that, that IS the point.

All in all, I'm a very satisfied KonoSuba fan. Aqua is the start of the collection. Next up is Megumin!

P.S. I'm honestly quite upset with the quality of my photos but there is no way I can take studio quality photos without any means of doing so. I hope though, that as my collection grows, so will my equipment. Baby steps.

ALSO, I should mention that Nendo Aqua very much most closely resembles the stock footage than my own. I had horrible lighting which didn't translate well into the photos. But just by looking at her in my room, she does look as advertised. Please do not think any less of her quality. What you see is what you get. Aside from the fact that you do need to use the brace and base to prop her up.


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