My Nozomi Bobble Head

With the exception of my precious Alter Nozomi and two Nendoroid(s), I actually do not have that many Nozomi figures despite her being my favorite member of Muse. In spite of all that, there is actually one additional Nozomi "figure" that I do own, if you can even call it that to begin with. Sitting atop my computer table silently bobbing away is my very own FuRyu Nozomi Bobble Head figure. 

Front View
This was one that I got in Tokyo shortly after it was released in the markets late last year. The funny thing is, prior to this I had no knowledge of FuRyu having planned to produce such a product. 

Rear View
But, seeing as to how affordable these were and just having found out that Muse would be having their Final Live in March/April, I was compelled to get my hands on one of these. After searching high and low in Akiba, I came across one for 1,000 Yen which I considered to be a fair price. Sure she cost more than the rest of the members of Muse but, she was also mine and many others' favorite.
Yeap, that is Nozomi alright.

The green ribbon signifies a third-year senior of Otonokizaka High School.

Even Nozomi's pink hair band is reproduced too.

All that bobbing about is entirely solar-powered so, no batteries required. In fact, even the sun is not required as a standard light build provides more than enough solar energy to keep her going.

The magic of this bobble head lies in its simple yet useful locking mechanism. For when you want it static such as, for a photo shoot, simply lock it in via the simple mechanism below.

To unlock it, simply shift the tab holding back the lock aside.

Then, shift the locking switch itself to fully unlock the mechanism.

Unlock it and Nozomi will be back to bobbing persistently.

The unique this about the mechanism is that it allows you to lock her head's position mid-swing. This allows for a tilted head look if that is what you prefer.

If I had one gripe though, it would be that FuRyu neglected to include Nozomi's major charm point. her bust.

All in all, FuRyu's Nozomi Bobble Head figure has been a great desktop companion. Silently swaying away without the need for batteries or external power sources. So far, there has not been any problems and despite her continuous movement, it is completely silent. I must say I am incredibly impressed. Short of the occasional dusting off, there is little I actually need to do to maintain her which is fantastic. 

So, if you are looking to get yourself or a friend some novelty Love Live item, you cannot go wrong with this. Together with Nozomi, the 8 members of Muse are available in bobble head guise too! Well, that has been all for this short share. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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