Mami in Action #03.5

Mami in Action #03.5 - Preparing for an Assault

In the previous installment of Mami in Action, I mentioned that Mami would switching out her H&K MP7A1(s) for something of a slightly higher caliber. Well then, here it is, the Mk 18 Mod 0! This high-spec, close quarters battle (CQB) carbine may bear strong resemblance to the popular M4A1 carbine and that is because it is one albeit with a drastically shortened barrel. Aside from the whole host of tactical attachments, the biggest difference between the Mk18 and M4 is the upper receiver which shortens the barrel length from 14.5 to 10.3 inches making it more suited for CQB. That being said, functionally none of that really translates over into Little Armory 1/12 scaled guns. But, it is a cool fact to know nonetheless.

So, what will we need for today's operation? For starters, we will need the gun itself. Tomytec's Little Armory Mk 18 Mod 0 was the 5th addition to the Little Armory series and is till today very well received. Because of its popularity, the Mk18 can be found in most hobby stores for a price ranging between 900-1200 Yen. Owing to the popularity of the M4/M16 bodies overall, the Little Armory Mk18(s) have seen continued production by Tomytec despite being one of its earlier releases.

The next thing you will need is a pair of nippers. Anyone hobby nipper should do the job just fine but, with a higher quality nipper you would tend to have cleaner cuts. For this build, I am using a pair of Godhand Keroro nippers which happened to be lying around. While I usually use another pair, this is a great affordable beginner nipper which does the job just fine.

Another essential tool is plastic cement. This little bottle of adhesive is crucial in ensuring your parts do not fall off when assembling the rifle. Any plastic model cement is up for the task and, in this case, I am using Mr. Hobby's Mr. Cement. Alternatively, you can try the thinner variants if you are worried about modulating the right amount of cement on the brush tips.

Pop open the box and you have your essential manual detailing how to build the Mk18 in a step-by-step basis. 

While the front page of the manual is in English, the remainder of its contents are entirely in Japanese. But that is no need for concern as the instructions are clear enough that they can be understood even without knowing any Japanese.

Best not to forget your runners because this is where your components are to build the Mk18. Alright then, time to start building!

A short while later and the Mk18 is complete. Additional parts include two butt-stocks (deployed and collapsed) plus, an additional 30 round magazine.

Other optional components include the vertical grip and torchlight, laser sights, optical sights, iron sight and side rail guard. While I do say optional, these parts were incredibly difficult to mount securely without the aid of plastic cement. Hence, once they were stuck on, they were stuck on for good with the exception of the vertical grip and torchlight which slid on and off the Picatinny rail.

Here is the Mk18 next to a Nendoroid Petit Mami for a sense of scale. Indeed these weapons are really tiny and the amount of detail Tomytec has been able to replicate is simply insane. This more than justifies the rather steep asking price for a single 1/12 firearm.

In the next issue, Mami will be arming up with the new Mk18 to give it a field test. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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