Nendoroid Aqua - Unboxing (Sort of)

Nendoroid Aqua by Goodsmile
I am now a proud owner of the Aqua Nendoroid, which happens to also be the very first Nendoroid I own! And it's all thanks to the other lovely writers of this blog.

It has also been pointed out that since this is my first Nendoroid and since I love KonoSuba, I should do a review on this. Keep in mind that the only other figurine I own is a scaled figurine of Mikasa which I don't think I've reviewed for the blog....yet.

This is basically the start of my reviews for any figurines I will come to own. I have very little knowledge regarding this area so bear with me as I try my best to swim in this new sea.

To the unboxing (sort of)!

P.S. All of the pictures were taken with my 5-year-old phone. I couldn't wait to find my camera so I shot the unboxing with my phone instead.

Aqua was ordered from AmiAmi and, as I understand, they ship out a special illustration with every order and for this one, it appears to be a librarian that is part of the Amico Illustration and drawn by Chaa. Aside from her cutesy little jump, she is also carrying a book titled AmiAmi Collection. Considering I'm still very much new to this, a plain observation is all I can give regarding this.

Beneath the illustration, packed quite snugly, lies the beginning of something big (my growing figurine collection). For a reason I can't quite understand, Aqua appears face down in the cardboard box. Usually, one would expect the front of the box to be facing you but maybe this protects the front from any possible boxcutter related injuries? Regardless, I got to lay my eyes on the multiple, possible, adorable configurations that she can be placed in.

Upon removal, you can clearly see the #630 plastered across the front of her box. According to the more informed writers of the blog, a Nendoroid isn't a type of figurine which I thought of it to be. Rather, they represent a series of figurines that have a specific type of modelling. So the number means that Aqua is the 630th Nendoroid to be produced by Good Smile, which produces them all.

The front of the box has a transparent window (as with most collector's goods) that allows one to peek into the main product contained within the box. In this case, you get to see Aqua's default configuration. You also get to see her flower staff and, although it isn't very clear in the picture above, her fans and water spouts used in her infamous magical acts.

Upon opening the 4 flaps above the box, I could slide out the contents, all of which were packed tightly between two plastic blisters. Mikasa came in the same type of packaging so I can only assume this is the standard for collectible figurines.

From the picture above, you can gauge the contents of the box. I believe I should leave the specifics for the actual review. For now, this is all you get to see.

So there you have it! Unboxing my first ever Nendoroid was a blast. I felt the same joy about a year ago when I unboxed Mikasa upon her delivery to my doorstep. Here's to more unboxings in the future! Of course, my skill at actually unboxing/reviewing will go up each time I do one so thanks for bearing with me! Await my review!



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