Mami in Action #04

Mami in Action #04 - Assault at First Light

Hello, everyone and welcome to another addition of Mami in Action! Yesterday, I hinted at the addition of a new firearm to Mami's arsental, the Mk18 Mod0 CQB assault rifle. Today, we will finally have the chance to get a hands-on with Mami and the Mk18 to see how things fair together. How will it go? Read on to find out.

First up, we have the Mk18 Mod 0 assault rifle with all its bell and whistles.

Next, we have Tomoe Mami, Magical Girl extraordinaire.

Together, we are going to find out Mami's impressions of this CQB variant of the, very popular, M4 carbine.

Mami first inspects the rifle.

Everything looks to be in order.

Calibrating sights;

Aiming downrange.

With the telescopic butt-stock fully deployed, the Mk18 is quite a lengthy assault rifle despite having been drastically shortened compared to the standard M4A1.

Much of that length decreased has gone in the way of the barrel though, as the butt-stocks length still remains the same.

All of that makes posing with the Mk18 a little bit of a hassle.

On top of that, the Mk18 can be quite heavy too as far as 1/12 scale firearms are concerned at least.

Thankfully, Figma joints are really strong. Hence, wielding it with one hand is managed with relative ease.

That being said, the hand's grip is not the strongest. To prevent it from constantly falling off, I would recommend so sort of adhesive between the hands and the rifle's grip.

While Mami did complain about the length of the butt-stock earlier, it can fortunately be shortened.

This makes posing for shots much easier!

The optical sights also aid as a guide to properly align Mami's view.

Target acquired!

With all its additional accessories, the Mk18 does tend to look a little crowded.

Perhaps, Mami needs a break?

In the meantime, we can all the awesome finer details of the Mk18.

Compared to the MP7(s) featured previously, the Mk18 helps strike a much more aggressive stance and tone for Mami with the school uniform serving as great contrast.

So, what does Mami think of the Mk18?


Looks like she approves.

Perhaps she will not be bringing it with her to a tea party anytime soon but, the Mk 18 Mod 0 has certainly been a very interesting weapon to pair with Mami. In fact, I can almost imagine Mami decked out entirely in tactical assault gear and using the Mk 18 as her weapon of choice. Perhaps rifles suit her best after all? That does not stop me from wanting to get both a rocket launcher and pistols for Mami the next time I stock up on Little Armory parts.

In the next installment, we will be taking a look at a lighter alternative to the current Mk18 setup. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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