SIF Coverage - SR Setsubun Kotori

Two-thirds through, we are quickly approaching the end of the event. Despite the event being a slower than usual for a Medley Festival, many of the players aiming to tier for the event would have unlocked their first SR Setsubun Kotori already. Today, we are here to take a closer look at that very event SR and just what makes her so special.
As mentioned before, Kotori is unlocked automatically upon reaching 25,000 Event Points or roughly 25 plays of 3x EX difficulty songs. Not too difficult especially when you compare it with the other events such as Score Match and Token Event.

If you do not have sufficient space in your inventory, Kotori will be added to your Present Box. With the current sorting system, finding your SR members is a breeze with the simple filter/sorting system present in the Present Box.
At Level 1, Setsubun Kotori is actually pretty plain sporting a Cool Attribute and 3,700 Cool Points. Nothing much to shout about at this point but, her character skill, Cute Ogre, is a pretty impressive Perfect Look skill with a wide 3 second timing window. The name too is extremely apt considering the event and theme.

At Level 60, Kotori's Cool Points take a hike up to 4,530 points. Not too bad considering she is currently only at Level 60. Idolize her and the level cap rises to 80 increasing not only her Cool Points but her maximum Bond too. Eventually, she would go on all the way to become the 3rd best Event Cool SR which does make investing in her a rather good idea.

Here is a closer look at the un-idolized SR Setsubun Kotori. There is little to suggest the Setsubun theme in anyway short of the book she is holding. Otherwise, things are pretty sedate with Kotori dressed in rather pale winter colors. While it certainly matches her, I cannot say I am big fan of it.

Before we finish, here is a quick reminder that "Sunny Day Song" is currently a featured song for Muse's B-Sides selection. Even if you have already finished the song before (in the main roster), the rewards can be unlocked once again for a separate set of rewards. This means, two free Love Gems if you get the EX song right!

With that, comes a close to this edition of SIF Coverage. In three days time, we will be taking a look at the conclusion of Medley Festival Round 8 and all the changes and rewards that come with it. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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