Animes I'm Following This Season

As with every anime season, I take about 2-3 weeks to test out the waters and weed out the animes that don't interest me. The previous season had very few shows that interested me and very few of those were consistently good. This time around, I can see the potential in quite a few shows.

First and foremost, you guys should know KonoSuba Season 2 is on the top of the list. That's a given. The above picture shows Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, a KyoAni show which is basically the 'moe pleasure' of this season. And at least it's better than Myriad Phantoms. KyoAni deserves redemption

Gabriel DropOut is one that I like too. I didn't think I'd enjoy the premise as much as I did and it's one of those slice of life, comedy chill-out shows. I'd compare Flying Witch to it for example, but Flying Witch went for more chill than anything else.

Masamune-kun is a show whose manga I actually picked up a while back and stopped at Chapter 1. I didn't think the execution of the premise was particularly strong but upon watching the anime, I've since gone back and caught up to the story. So, currently, that's an anime I won't technically be watching considering I've already read it but I felt it right that I should at least skim through each episode.

I'm also continuing with Nanbaka's second season, though admittedly, it feels like I'm skimming through it really. It has gotten to the point where I feel the lack of female characters is starting to pull the series down.

Speaking of female characters, Seiren is a guilty pleasure I've picked up. The series is basically a compilation of short stories of the main character getting it on with a different main girl. I believe the story will 'reset' after each story is told, sort of like how an anime tries to adapt a visual novel with each of its endings.

Also speaking of female characters, I can't say that I'm not watching Little Witch Academia. I've only ever heard good things about it and while the series serves to reboot the franchise, I'd say they're off to a decently fun start.

Urara Meirochou and Granblue Fantasy are shows that I'm still keeping on standby. Granblue feels incredibly generic but who knows, it might actually surprise me later on. As for Urara Meirochou, the only reason I want to keep it under monitoring is because I just want another 'belly apology' scene. Too. Freaking. Adorable.

Finally, the last I'm following is Youjo Senki. Now, I didn't think I'd be following this show since I didn't find the premise particularly interesting. It reminded me of Mushoku Tensei. After watching it however, I must admit that it isn't what I thought it was and it's actually pretty fun to watch. The main character is surprisingly likeable. For now, I'm more intrigued than anything.

There were shows that I have tried but ultimately dropped. There are quite a few but I'll just mention the one I'm most disappointed in: Hand Shakers. When I saw the trailer and the art, I was pretty hyped up for it. Little did I know, it was by the same team who created K and oh my gosh, the first episode was the biggest flop I've ever seen. Everything from the animation to the MOANS to the pacing to the MOANS to the boring characters to the MOANS to the horribly aggravating villain. Seriously, if you can like it after the first episode, kudos to you. But that sort of thing does not have a place in my book.


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