SIF Coverage - SR Diving Kanan

Here we are, approaching the end of the Score Match Round 23. Currently Day 7 out of Day 10, we have just three days left before things come to a close. So far, things have been going fairly smoothly with predicted cutoffs for Tier 1 being ~140,000 and Tier 2 at ~90,000 points. Do expect things to go up unexpectedly towards the end of the event as rushes are prone to happen especially for double-SR events. Before we dive to deep into the end of the even, let us take a look at the event's SR shall we?

Speaking of diving, that is the exact theme for the event this time around with SR Diving Kanan and Mari. Kanan, unlockable via event points, is unlocked first at 25,000 Event Points. At which point, she is automatically added to your account either into your Member List or Present Box.

Here she is at Level 1, sporting a Pure Attribute and a Score Up skill. From the get go, Kanan comes with 3,570 Pure Points which is not too much but, there are still 60 (80 if you count idolization) levels to help boost those points further. Her skill, Appreciate the Sea, is a skill based Score Up skill with a chance to activate upon nailing Perfect notes. 

At Level 60, Kanan's Pure Points goes all the way up to 4,400 Pure Points which is fair but, nothing too impressive. For players just starting out the game, Diving Kanan may be a very helpful boost especially in Score Matches. But for more seasoned players, this particular Kanan does not have much to offer. To get the best out of her, an idolized version is almost certainly a must.

Here is a closer look at Kanan's un-idolized design. Already familiar with diving, Kanan looks right at home in a dive suit. The choice of colors for the suit are pleasing too matching her eye and hair color. To that extent, Mari too gets a different colored dive suit.

Hit 65,000 Event Points and that is where the magic begins as you will unlock the second copy of SR Diving Kanan. This means Special Practice which also means idolization! As usual, for utmost effectiveness while using the Special Practice blender make sure to have two identical members and the higher leveled member placed in the upper slot.
Successfully complete that and you will be rewarded with a very happy Kanan indeed. Gone is the diving suit in favor of what looks like an swim/diving-inspired idol outfit. The colors too receive a change with the secondary aquamarine color of the dive suit now serving as the primary color.

Stats wise, 20 additional levels allows Kanan's Pure Points to go up to 4,680 points making her the 14th best Event Pure SR and 32nd best Pure SR overall. Factor in the additional 500 Bond Points and boosts from her Skill Slots and Kanan can potentially achieve over 5,550 Pure Points.
Here is a closer look at Kanan in her idolized outfit. I am not too sure what to feel about this design. While I have nothing against the overall design, I am not a fan of the shoes and hat. Those two elements somehow do not fit well into the whole look. But that is just my opinion, perhaps Kanan fans think otherwise?

More temptation...
With just three days left to the event, it is time to kick things into high gear if you had not already done so. Of course, this only applies to those of you planning to tier for the event. If not, you can just take it easy and casually play while observing the event come to an end. Rest assured at the end, we the folks at Tiro Finale will be covering the conclusion of the event too. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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