Mikasa Figurine Review

Here it is! As you can see above, that is my Mikasa figurine that I obtained two years ago. It was my first ever figurine and I preordered it through the help of none other than our Snwlprd.

Mikasa was pretty straight forward and came simply with her swords and the 3DMG. Assembly was a little tricky which was why I didn't actually take her apart for the post but I'll walk through the details.

Some details about the product:

Product name: Mikasa Ackerman
Series: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: kiking
Size: 1/8th Scale, about 170mm in height
Release Date: May of 2015

Up close, Mikasa is a marvel to behold. Not just in terms of her character itself, but the modelling. She has been painted very well with great detail taken to emphasise the creases on her uniform, the different textures like her boot shine and overall, it is very impressive.

It shines! Such a nice glossy look

So I had two problems when I received my Mikasa. One was that her sword had a pen mark on it, easily remedied by a replacement. The second is that her left 3DMG couldn't connect and hold properly to the device at her back which meant that it was fall and hang on her left leg, as is what you're seeing above, It's mean to be propped up much like the right side but sadly, it doesn't. Even with a replacement of the joint, it still doesn't work unfortunately.

So, as I mentioned before, the 3DMG comes with her to be attached and assembled as in the photos. The parts are basically the two engine tubes at her legs, the back piece that connected to the frontal hooks and the wires. The wires is something I find to be unique, a little cumbersome but definitely mandatory. They connect into sockets on the 3DMG and hooks and get funnelled into some sort of fabric weave that sticks out of the back piece. It really adds to the realism of the gear.

The above photo also shows how the wires also connect the hooks of the 3DMG to the sword hilt, which doubles as the triggers for the 3DMG. If you didn't know, that little handle in front of Mikasa's fingers is the trigger for her right hook to shoot out, latch and as long as the handle is pressed down, the gas will be activated. Both sides have the same mechanic. Other than that, the sword blades can be detached from the sword to make the initial assembly easier.

Also, looking at the position her body is in, you can tell that they were aiming to show her stylishy posing mid-flight. Aside from that though, it has been pointed out to me that her contortions seem to emphasise her more feminine features. Mikasa has an average female body type but because of the bents she's making, her uniform wraps more tightly around her top and bottom with the creases in between further accentuating her assets.

Overall, you do get the quality as is shown in the stock image above. Everything from the sculpting to the colouring was done with great attention and if you're a fan of the series, you would no doubt love it.

There is also a DX edition that comes with a rooftop as her base as opposed to the plain transparent one that I have. Speaking of that, I realised I didn't take any photos of her box. It just didn't come to me considering I opened the box two years ago. Nothing new anyways. If you've seen my haul post, the box is just slightly larger than Kiss-Shot's box with the typical Attack on Titan colour scheme used.


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