Mami in Action #05

Mami in Action #05 - Light Strike Array

Hello, everyone and welcome back to another addition of Mami in Action! This time, we have Mami back once again with the Mk18 Mod 0 that we featured last week. Whereas the previous Mk18 was decked out to the brim, today we are going to take things down the notch hence, the title.

Unlike the previous Mk18, this time we lose the vertical grip, flashlight, side rail grips and laser sights. For extra lightening, the iron and optical sights can be removed too. But, we have decided to keep them on for the time being mostly because they have been stuck on with plastic cement.

Mami liked the previous Mk18 configuration but, what does she think of this version?

For starters, it is much lighter and less cumbersome.

Wielding it single-handed does not look so impossible anymore. Although with Mami's superhuman strength, that was never any doubt in the first place.

With the barrel attachments gone, the Mk18 looks much busier in the middle.

The butt-stock remains very much the same.

An emptier barrel means Mami's left hand is able to hold onto the front-end of the Mk18 more freely.

Still a very menacing looking rifle indeed.

I wonder if it will hit?

Target in sights.

For some reason, the butt-stock has a tendency to sag making it misaligned with the rest of the rifle. Keep that in mind if you ever get yourself one of these.

Undoubtedly, the striped-down Mk18 provided a much cleaner look. While I am a big fan of the whole tactical loadout appearance, one cannot deny the allure of a simple, purposeful firearm with little to no obstructions. A refreshing change of pace and more suited for posing with relaxed poses rather than combat stances. Either way, the Mk18 upper receiver is a really good combination with Mami.

With that, comes an end to this episode of Mami in Action. For new additions of Mami in Action, remember to check in with Tiro Finale together with our daily content updates. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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