The Tokyo Haul

Towards the end of last year, I made a short visit to Tokyo to complete a number of errands as well as act as a tour guide of sorts. How short exactly? Three days to be exact and this did not give me much time at all to pay patronage to the various hobby stores of Tokyo. Nevertheless, armed with some prior online research and a one hour window of opportunity, I took the first train I could straight to Nakano and the rest they say is history.

Moving from right to left, we begin with Figma Momoe Nagisa. A figure I have been eyeing for quite a while now but, consistently held off in pursuit of a better price point. Seeing as to how her price has not dropped below the 4,000 Yen mark for the past year, I decided it would be a safe bet to finally get her now. Plus, Bebe is just too cute!

Second on the list is also another Nagisa. This time, it is Sega's AG Square Momoe Nagisa deformed scale figurine made in conjunction with the release of the Rebellion film. Also from the series are Mami, Homura and Bebe, all of which I recently added to my collection. While I was aware of the existence of this Nagisa figure, I was not actively on the look out for it. Finding her at 800 Yen in Nakano? An absolute steal in my opinion. 

Speaking of actively looking out for something, this Kyun-Chara figure is one that I have been searching for a considerable period of time. Released as part of the Rebellion movie Ichiban Kuji, these Kyun-Chara figures were the K Prize from the lottery. But more than Homura and Madoka in a white dress, what I was searching for was much rarer and infinitely more sought after.

The figure in question? One of the very few Kyun-Chara Bebe figures. The horrible box condition and 1,500 Yen price tag were far from enough to dissuade me from getting my hands on this adorable little monster. At that point, I could not care less how the box looked as long as the contents inside were in good condition which they were. You can most certainly look forward to me reviewing this gem in the near future.

Moving out of the Madoka Magica realm, we shift our focus to another interest of mine, Super Sonico. Ever since August, I have been looking forward to get my hands on FuRyu's latest Super Sonico endeavor, the Holy Girl Concept Figure. As luck would have it, Mandarake Nakano just happened to be selling both color variations (black and metallic blue) bundled together for a meager 2,400 Yen. As far as prize figures go, I have never had a bad experience with FuRyu's Super Sonico series thus far and 1,200 Yen is hardly a tall asking price for what is a relatively new release. That being said, it did take my significant amount of effort to actually locate her in store as she was hidden at the back of the shelf behind various other Sonico figures. It is no wonder she still had not sold out, because nobody knew she was even there!

Keeping with the theme of Sonico. Next up, we have a figure which has also been on my wishlist for a very long time. For a while now, I knew Mandarake Nakano were holding onto one at 4,000 Yen in relatively good condition. For that price, I was hoping that nobody would get their hands on her before I had my chance to visit the place. But all the time, realistically accepting the fact that such could and would certainly happen. So when I arrived at Nakano only to not find her on shelves, I was visibly perplexed for a moment thinking that she might have sold out despite Mandarake's website stating otherwise. Persevering, I dug around the Beach Queens section a little longer. Just like the Holy Girl Sonico, she too was hidden behind several other Beach Queens figures. Safe to say, it did not stay there for very long. Now all that remains is the Special Version to fall to a more reasonable price.

What follows are just various trinkets and merchandise that just further adds to my Mami collection. This particular Soul Gem and Grief Seed pin set did not interest me much initially but, a bottom dollar price of 200 Yen just made it too hard to pass on.

Together with that, I added three new rubber straps to my collection too. Two from the latest Magicraft III Ichiban Kuji lottery and another a Gashapon release. All of that together wraps up my short but, sweet haul from Tokyo this time around. I was not able to obtain any new Mami figures instead adding Bebe/Nagisa to the mix. Rest assured though, something big for Mami is coming soon. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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